James Ramsay
James Ramsay

Say Your Name Over and Over and It'll Start to Sound Like Nonsense

Bologna. Bologna. Bologna. Bologna. Bologna. Sounding funny yet? There's a term for that word-overload: let's talk about semantic satiation.

Why Urban Dictionary is the Authority On Douchey Language

Look not to the well-edited dictionaries for the definition of "douche," but to the proliferation of chatter on Urban Dictionary and other amateur language blogs.

Why Is It So Hard to Describe a Book You Really Love?

You may love a book, like I loved Manuel Gonzales' 'The Miniature Wife,' but why is it so hard to articulate why? Is the only way to express book-love in tired cliches?

What Does English Sound Like

What does fake English sound like? That is, if you had to imitate English without using any real words.

Who Should I Vote For: Why I'm Voting For Connor Ratliff, Age 37

The Chris Gethard Show's 12 hour Election Day Special on MNN will feature 37-year-old presidential candidate Connor Ratliff.

Pride and Prejudice: The Classic Jane Austen Novel is Not Just for Girls

The common fallacy of Jane Austen novels is that they're girly. I believed that as well, until I picked up a copy of "Pride and Prejudice" and realized how important the book is for all genders.

Whom is Just the Fancy Who: Notes on the English Langue from Someone Who Practically Speaks It

The English language is malleable, ever-changing. But in America today, Justin Bieber holds the same power over the language as lexicographer Bryan Garner ... and that ain't right.

The Vendy Awards 2012: Why Good Food is Not Always Found on Park Avenue

My notes on the 8th annual Vendy Awards and the democratic opportunities of a foodie culture.

Americas Cup World Series: Real Sailors Do Not Wear Pads

Notes on the America's Cup, expensive boats, George-Michael Bluth, and my one year legacy as a competitive collegiate sailor.