Koby Omansky
Koby Omansky

The Shocking Truth About Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance

Get out of here with the slut- and body- shaming.

These Pictures of Fallen Soldiers' Bedrooms Reveal the Truth About Soldiers Who Do Return

We need to respect soldiers' struggles, and to attend to their needs.

The Little Mermaid's Ariel is Speaking Up About Equal Pay

In this lighthearted video from production company Texpats, a grown-up Ariel's workplace woes are set to the tune of "Part of Your World."

Boycotting the Sochi Olympics and Vodka Won't Save Russian Gays

Perhaps we should focus our energies on where it may actually have an impact: pressuring our own political representatives who engage with Russia, and American companies who invest there.

I Am Not Trayvon Martin, and You Aren't Either

This video went viral for all the right reasons. What do you think?