Barbara Kellam-Scott
Barbara Kellam-Scott

'The Bible' Series History Channel: Little Scholarship Reflected in Show

The History Channel series looks kind of realistic, but miracles in 21st century special effects may damage the brand more than help it.


Sandy Hook Lawsuit: Damages TBD, But Start with $100 Million

It was probably inevitable, but I wish all the Newtown families could wait to pin blame on public deep pockets for the trauma of the survivors.

Real Story of Jesus Not Nearly as Clear as You Might Think

With no accredited histories or public records, we've mostly cobbled together the differing accounts of two biblical Gospels dating from almost 100 years later. But it's still a great story.

Ambassador Susan Rice: The Surprise Reason the GOP Has Been Bullying This Woman

The Republicans bullying Susan Rice may not actually have anything against her for State. More likely, they want to make Obama settle for John Kerry and open his seat for Scott Brown.

Mayan Calendar: What the Modern Mayans of Guatemala Are Expecting, and Dreading on December 21

The direct descendants of the Mayans are said to foretell the end of the world in December ask the rest of us, if we can't understand, at least to respect what it means to them.

Viral Tragedy: What Does it Mean to Like (or mic) God's More Questionable Gifts?

Very personal issues and decisions become global fodder in a matter of minutes. Is it any wonder that politicians wind up stepping in piles of complexity?


Next Presidential Debate: This Will Be the Best Reality TV on Television

Americans are fascinated with reality TV competitions. Does our focus on winners and losers of election debates and moment-to-moment polls smack more of "American Idol" than American President?

Presidential Debates 2012: Romney May Have Won on Word Count, But Left a Web of Lies Behind

Obama's performance at the presidential debate 2012 gave me hope that America may one day be a country that can disagree, compromise, reach consensus, and grow together.

Latest Presidential Polls: Obama Romney Polls and Debates are Focus of Media Obsession

There will be at least one winner and one loser of the presidential election, but who can keep track of the shifting polls beforehand — and what do they matter anyway?

Israel Subway Ads: Pam Geller NYC Ads Are Mostly Ignorant

The ads that went up Monday in NYC subway stations and have already appeared in San Francisco reveal that Pamela Geller and company don't know the origins of the words they use.

The Myth of the Muslim Tide Book Review and Interview With Author Doug Saunders

Doug Saunders lived among Muslim immigrants in London when he was sent to Oslo to report on Anders Breivik's attacks there. He found an alarmist ideology unsupported by facts but widely believed.

The Myth of the Muslim Tide: A Must Read Book After the Arab Spring

Canadian journalist Doug Saunders has watched the immigration of Muslims into Europe and North America. The difference is, he's researched the realities, and he's not worried.

Innocence of Muslims Controversy: Who Coptic Christians are, and What They Believe

Three factors in the history of Islam and Christianity in Egypt may be behind the film that sparked a Mideast crisis: a power shift, exclusivism, and separation of faith & state (or not).