Tye Tavaras
Tye Tavaras

Morsi Deadline: Could Today Be Mohamed Morsi's Last Day in Office?

Large protests in Cairo threaten the Morsi regime. But this isn't a second Egyptian Revolution — it's a continuation of the first.

Best Picture Oscars 2013: If 'Zero Dark Thirty' Wins, Does That Mean Americans Are OK With Torture?

The success of 'Zero Dark Thirty' has helped bring the discourse on torture back into the media.

Emory University: President's "Three-Fifths Compromise" Comment Sparks Outrage Throughout Community

Emory University President James W. Wagner lauded the three-fifths compromise in Emory magazine, stoking widespread fury and tarnishing the institution of higher education's name.

Zero Dark Thirty Trailer: Kathryn Bigelow's Film Trivializes the War on Terror

The film "Zero Dark Thirty" normalizes concepts such as "enhanced interrogation techniques," the violation of civil liberties and permanent war.

Les Miserables Movie: Should Feminists Be Angry About It?

Female characters in Les Miserables represent traditional gender stereotypes. Why these roles and more progressive ones must exist in tandem.

Zardari Bhutto: Son of Assassinated Benazir Bhutto is Continuing the Family Political Legacy

Benzir Bhutto's Son, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari is entering the political arena and continuing the Bhutto legacy.

'Zero Dark Thirty' Movie Review: Will There Be an Islamist Backlash?

Should we be afraid of the days following the release of 'Zero Dark Thirty'? Who exactly should we fear?

Personal Income Report Shows Economic Growth: People Are Getting Richer Again

North Dakota and Texas are two states with above national average growth in personal income. But don't pack your bags just yet.

Les Miserables Movie Review: Go See It, and Bring Tissues

Tom Hooper delivers a masterful version of Les Mis. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway absolutely shine on stage.

Happy Holidays! 5 Heartwarming Christmas Miracles

These five stories of kindness and generosity embody everything this holiday should be about.

Merry Christmas in Bethlehem: All Hope is Not Lost, Despite the Israeli Occupation

Another Christmas in Bethlehem under occupation, surrounded by walls, with more settlements on the horizon. But a solution is not impossible in 2013.

Best Christmas Music: 6 Fun Facts About Holiday Songs

Grab some hot chocolate, cider, mulled wine, and sit back and enjoy some holiday tunes.

Tumblr Hacked by GNAA: How Blogging is the Problem With And Solution to Traditional Journalism

The GNAA hacks Tumblr accounts with racist posts, in an effort to take on bloggers as lowering journalist standards. Why they have a point ... and how they don't.

10 Songs Done Better A Cappella Style

The power and beauty of the human voice is magnificent and sometimes, that is all you need.

Mark Bassley Yousef Sentenced: Innocence of Muslims Producer Jailed For One Year

Mark Bassely Yousef has been sentenced to one year in prison. What can we learn from the reaction to his infamous film, Innocence of Muslims?

Election 2012: LIVE Results OBAMA WINS

Latest presidential polls put Obama slightly up over Romney. Stay tuned for LIVE updates on the election results.


Who Won Georgia: Mitt Romney Wins Georgia But Democrats Win in Congressional Districts

With a Mitt Romney win, the state of Georgia goes red again, no big surprise there. A breakdown of the updates across the southern state.

Am I Registered to Vote: Where to Vote in Georgia, Poll Locations, and ID Requirements

Information on where to vote in Georgia, as well as a full description of requirements and Georgia county poll locations.

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein 2012: Third Party Presidential Debate Live Coverage and Analysis

Live coverage of the final debate between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein

Gary Johnson 2012: Third Party Candidates like Jill Stein Battle for Last Minute Voters

Monday night was the final presidential debate between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Their ideas, and third party ideas in general, need to be included in the national political discourse.