Nathaniel Khaleel
Nathaniel Khaleel

Lorde's 'Pure Heroine' is a Mesmerizing Peek Into the Teenage Mind

Lorde's debut album takes feelings that people are afraid to dwell upon, and holds them up as a main attraction.

These 2 Songs From the New MGMT Album Are Incredible

In their new album MGMT has embraced their psychedlic vibe, and the results are pure magic.

Chris Brown Retiring: To Generate Buzz, Say You're Leaving the Bizz

Chris Brown's latest announcement that his next album will be his last reveals one of the oldest tricks in the book for artists and musicians.

Is the Music Industry Really a Sexist, Coke-Filled Dystopia?

We're quick to view the music industry in this dim, shady light. Are our perceptions mistaken or have we been right all along?

3 Musical Artists On the Brink Of Mega Success

These groups may be the next "big thing" to invade our radio stations, as they've entranced their fans abroad. Are we next?

'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Proves Jay-Z Has Grown Up

I could break down every facet of "Magna Carta Holy Grail" and still not be satisfied because I would be searching for something that no longer exists; Jay-Z has grown up.

6 Songs to Play On Repeat All Summer Long

Is your playlist in desperate need of some fresh new songs? These six may be exactly what you're looking for to set the tone for the rest of your summer.

J. Cole "Born Sinner" Album Review: Can J. Cole's Latest Compete With Kanye?

In his second studio album, J. Cole embraces the dichotomy between sinners and saints. Do J. Cole's efforts in this second installment absolve him of his past "demons"?

E3 2013: Beyond Xbox 1 and PS4, We'll See An Evolution In Gaming

E3 2013 will focus on next-gen consoles like the new Xbox and Playstation, but will also feature the evolution of gaming from rule-set games to character-immersed RPGs.

Pandora Radio: Is FM Radio Officially Dead?

With the evolution of digital media, FM radio has become expendable, and with it all the conformity it propagates.