Logan Nee
Logan Nee

10 Ways to Reduce the Deficit by $6.2 Trillion

The Congressional Budget Office has released a set of ways to reduce annual federal deficits through 2023. Here are the most promising.

Avicii's New Album Mixes Country and Electronic Dance Music for First Time Ever

Avicii's debut studio album "True" hits shelves September 17. It incorporates country music into mainstream electronic dance music for the first time ever.

2013 National Senior Games: These Athletes Aren't What You're Expecting

Ever picture yourself training to break world records at 79 years old? At the Senior Olympics, 13,000 athletes forgo afternoon naps and Bingo for a chance to do just that.

This College Athlete is Ending His Last Season Early to Donate Bone Marrow

University of New Hampshire track and field athlete Cameron Lyle will miss the final two meets of his career to save someone's life.

Maine Hermit: Why Christopher Knight Abandoned Society For 27 Years

47-year-old Christopher Knight committed over 1,000 burglaries of camp grounds over the span of 27 years in order to survive in solitary, but why did he leave society?

The U.S. Hasn't Had a Balanced Budget Since 1929, But That Could Change This Year

Republicans and Democrats are confident that there is enough commonality between the House, Senate, and president to produce a thorough budget plan. The fighting still revolves around taxes.

Let's Help this Holocaust Survivor Find His Long Lost Brother

Social media allows us to share the world's most interesting things across the internet every day. Let's take two seconds to help this Holocaust survivor find his long lost, best friend.

Which National Budget Plan Will Help Solve the D.C. Budget Crisis?

With Senate and House leadership still in partisan gridlock, we're in for a typical budget battle this year. The 113th Congress' freshmen class will be the difference.

Sequestration 2013: Obama Budget Negotiating Skills Leave Much to Be Desired

While both sides bear some blame in the sequestration debate, the president is obligated to be the mediator. Here's some of the ways Obama dropped the ball.

Daylight Saving Time: Why Humans Have the Power to ‘Spring Ahead’

Daylight Savings Time 2013 starts this Sunday, March 10, at 2:00 a.m, but do we really have the power to artificially manipulate time?

Avicii's "X-You" is the Largest Music Collaboration Ever

Swedish DJ Avicii's newly released single includes 12,951 contributions from 4,199 artists in 140 countries, giving testament to the unique possibilities of electronic dance music.


Congressional Gridlock Showing Signs Of Easing in 113th Congress

Thanks to bipartisan groups such as No Labels, a subtle economic recovery, and the voice of the American people, the 113th US Congress is already starting to look promisingly productive.

Meeting to Make America Work: A Call to Action [LIVE]

[#MMAW] - No Labels "Meeting to Make America Work" seeks to send a message to America: Enough with the fanaticism. It's time to work together.

20 Top Politicians to Watch in 2013

The Castro brothers could be the rising stars for Democrats, while Tim Scott and Chris Christie will shine for Republicans. Rand Paul, meanwhile, will be the new face of libertarianism.

'Dakota 38' is the Inspirational Movie of the Holiday Season

Smooth Feather Productions gives a story of hope, reconciliation, and healing; a perfect watch for the holiday season.

Top 100 Electronic Dance Music Songs of 2012

Counting down the Top 100 EDM songs of 2012.

War On Christmas: The American Family Association Lists 13 Companies Against Christmas

In the modern age, some companies advertise for Christmas and some chose to say "happy holidays." The Conservative American Family Association divides them up into naught and nice.

Final Election Results and Post-Election Analysis From Maine: Same-Sex Marriage Approved; Angus King, Dems Win Big

Maine Becomes First State in the Nation to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage by Popular Vote; Angus King Replaces Olympia Snowe in the U.S. Senate; Gives Obama 4 Electoral Votes; Pingree & Michaud Win.

Presidential Polls 2012: Vodka Drinkers Like Obama, Whiskey and Rum Drinkers Like Romney

Based on Facebook Page likes, here are the most Democratic and Republican alcoholic drinks.

Who Won the Presidential Debate?: Mitt Romney Defeats Obama, Big Bird, Jim Lehrer, and Bobby V

Real-time summary of the first 2012 Presidential Debate held on Oct. 3 at the University of Denver.