Elizabeth Monahan
Elizabeth Monahan

'The Bachelorette' Recap: What Desiree Hartsock Teaches Us About Delusional Love

Week after week, thousands of Americans tune in to programs like 'The Bachelorette,' a show dedicated to helping one lucky young woman find true love, or something along those lines.

Holiday Weight Loss: 10 Fun, Funky Ways To Exercise When You Don't Want To

Tis the season to be hungry for sweets and thirsty for gallons of eggnog. Pulverize pounds with these quick tips and fun suggestions for keeping in shape during the holidays.

Thanksgiving 2012 : How to Cook a Turkey in 10 Different Ways

It's your turn to have the family over for Thanksgiving, and you're not sure how to prepare a turkey. Look no further than this quick and easy guide to cooking the perfect bird.

Lincoln Movie Review: Why Daniel Day Lewis and His Method Acting Make Lincoln Shine

A review of Daniel Day Lewis' seemingly spot-on portrayal of America's beloved 16th president.

Renwick Gallery: 40 Under 40 Craft Futures Exhibit Showcases Indie Craft Culture Redefined

DC's Renwick Gallery features the exhibit "40 Under 40: Craft Futures." The exhibition highlights the work of 40 craft-centered artists under the age of 40.