George Ertel
George Ertel

Kind of faithful to God via Jesus, kind of conservative and kind of libertarian, married for life, three great daughters and two great sons in law and six grand-kids, who are also great but not great grand-kids. Companion of Jake, a ridgeback mix and the best dog ever. Consultant to banks and active in non-profits.

March 1, 2013

Why Religion Gets Such a Bad Rap in the Media

Religion often gets flak in the media, and as a society fractured by divisiveness, it's important for us to learn to get along.

Jan. 17, 2013

James Holmes Trial Sparks Debate About the Death Penalty in America

When is execution deserved, and how do we want our society to administer justice?
Jan. 12, 2013

Obama Gun Control Executive Order: Is Defense Pick Chuck Hagel a Factor?

President Obama and his defense pick Chuck Hagel share distaste for war and violence. Will he be instrumental in the president's decision to tackle gun rights in America?