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YouTube Harlem Shake: How The Video Went Viral, Next Pope: Who Will Choose?, and Everything to Read Today

Our roundup of cool stuff from around the web.


Presidents' Day 2013: 4 Important Presidential Decisions, And Everything to Read on Monday

Here's our take on the best articles currently up on PolicyMic.

State of the Union Address 2013: What Should Obama Say in His Speech to Congress?

Tuesday night, Obama will give his first State of the Union address of the new term. What should he say? Weigh-in with your own thoughts and help draft PolicyMic's response.

'Brews With Marco Rubio' Event Coverage by PolicyMic's Mark Kogan

On Tuesday, PolicyMic's Mark Kogan attends the "Brews With Senator Rubio" event in Washington, D.C. Follow his live Twitter feed and see what one of the top Republicans in DC is saying.

Endeavor Flyover Pictures: Amazing Photos of Space Shuttle Flight in Los Angeles

Images of the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it landed safely at the Los Angeles airport on Friday, after conducting nearly a five-hour flyover above the city of LA.


Obama and Romney Respond to Your Questions!

You asked, you voted, you shared. Now, the candidates respond.

Jon Stewart 9/11 Video: Must Watch, Still As Important 11 Years Later

Jon Stewart's monologue from the first Daily Show episode filmed after 9/11 grapples with the role of media at a time of national tragedy. His message rings true today.

What Would You Ask Obama And Romney?

Do you wish you had the chance to ask Barack Obama and Mitt Romney one question? Now you do.

Colorado Obama Voters Outweigh Romney Supporters

A Colorado voter describes the electoral mood in Colorado and reveals why people are leaning toward Obama.

Stop and Frisk Law: 10 Photos of the New York City Protests

On Father's Day Sunday in New York City, thousands of New Yorkers marched down Fifth Avenue in a silent protest against stop and frisk. See the protests in photos.


North Carolina Amendment One: 3 State Voters React

Three North Carolina residents to share their reactions to Amendment One, North Carolina's same-sex marriage ban passed earlier this week.

North Carolina Amendment 1 Change.org Petition: Q & A with Creator of One Million Strong Campaign

Q and A with Jenn Halweil, creator of the "1 Million Against Amendment 1" petition to overturn North Carolina's Amendment 1.

Cato Talking Shop Lunch Features PolicyMic, Daily Caller, and Townhall

On Friday, PolicyMic co-founder Jake Horowitz will be speaking at the Cato Institute, as a part of the organization's monthly "Talking Shop" new media lunch. Follow it live.

LIVE: London Hostage Crisis, Suspect Arrested in Tottenham Court Road Chaos

A man with six canisters strapped to his back has taken four hostages and threatened to blow himself up on Tottenham Court Road in London.

Charles Taylor Trial: Everything You Need to Know About War-Torn Liberia [+Video]

On the day of Charles Taylor's conviction, VICE investigates the toll that 14 years of civil war took on Liberia's people.


Jimmy Fallon and Obama Jam Session Tackles Student Debt Crisis [+Video]

Weigh-in: Beyond keeping rates low for students now, what are the pro’s and con’s of the proposed solutions to the higher education crisis?

What Race Is George Zimmerman?

Zimmerman has a Peruvian mother and a white father, making him hispanic, not white.

LIVE: Experts Explain Lack of Indian Ocean Tsunami Following Indonesia Earthquake

A massive earthquake 8.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Indonesia earlier today.

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