Anjana Sreedhar
Anjana Sreedhar

Yet Another Gang Rape Rocks New Delhi, But These Heroic People Are Fighting Back

India saw yet another brutal gang rape on January 14. Here are a few heroes fighting to make sure it never happens again.

This is What Polygamy in Kazakhstan Has to Do With Sugar Babies in America

It's the financial crisis, stupid.

Gap Stood Up to Racism, But It's Time For Them to Address Labor Issues Too

Remember when that clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed and killed 600 people? Gap apparently doesn't.

3 Powerful Stories Of Workplace Discrimination That Prove the U.S. Needs ENDA

Share these stories with anyone who thinks LGBT Americans don't deserve protection in the workplace.

This Program Contributes to Teen Pregnancy, So Why is the Government Funding It?

Nearly every study has shown that abstinence-only education leads to higher rates of teen pregnancy and STDs. It's time for the Obama administration to stop funding this scam.

There's a Battle Taking Place That Could Influence Your Right to Accessible Abortion

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and state lawyers will be hotly debating this chapter's use of video conferencing to dispense abortion pills.


Everyone's Talking About Rape in India, But Getting it Terribly Wrong

As India's reputation for sexual violence increases, many writers have reminded us that Indian men are loving family members too. However, are monolithic images of the "good" Indian man healthy?

Tiona Rodriguez Proves Pregnant Teens Need Our Help

While 17-year-old Tiona Rodriguez and her friend were found shoplifting, security guards unveiled a terrifying secret: a dead fetus in Rodriguez's shopping bag.

Who Will Win the Nobel Peace Prize? Malala Yousafzai Deserves It

Malala is a name that's on the world's lips now. After bravely standing up to the Taliban on behalf of girls in the Swat Valley, she has shown that she is worth the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

An Indian Couple Wanted to Marry For Love, So Why Are They Now Dead?

Four people have been convicted for honor killing a young couple in Rohtak, located very close to New Delhi. How does this affect India's reputation as a superpower and society?

5 Most Offensive Asian Characters in TV History

Seth MacFarlane's latest comedy, Dads, is met with negative reviews, especially regarding the portrayal of its Asian characters. Here's a look at some of TV's worst Asian characters.

Meghan McCain: Is This the New Face Of the Republican Party?

The spunky 28-year-old daughter of Sen. McCain returns to TV with a "genre-busting docu-talk" show. Her provocative style might be the burst of rejuvenation the Republican Party needs.

Delhi Rapists Receive Death Sentence for Their Crimes

Almost a year after Jyoti Singh Pandey was brutally raped, four of the six perpetrators have been sentenced to death. But has it been due to actual legislation or national public pressure?

If This Model is "Plus-Sized," Then the Fashion World Has Lost Its Mind

Meet Robyn Lawley, a supermodel you probably haven't heard about. She's changing the fashion world.

3 Types Of People Who Still Labor On Labor Day

While many of us enjoy our day off from work and school on Labor Day, there are those who do not. Ironically, the holiday was created mostly for those people. Who are they and why does it matter?

Another Horrific Rape in India: 22-Year-Old Photojournalist is Latest Victim

India is again shaken by another tragic incident of rape, the victim being a 22 year old photojournalist. She's taking a stand against the perpetrators, but will the Indian government join her?

The Shocking Graph That Should Scare Every Pro-Choice American

There have been 200 anti-abortion bills in 40 states. The number of abortion restrictions has skyrocketed.

4 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask

With HBO releasing "Americans in Bed," it's important for us to examine our own questions about our sex lives.

Study Says Night Owls More Likely to Be Psychopaths

According to a study done by the psychology journal Personality and Individual Differences, night owls are more likely to be narcissists, Machiavellians, and psychopaths.

Steve King Gets Scolded By His Own Party For "Calves Like Cantaloupes"

A few days ago, Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) made a very insulting comment about illegal immigrants. Here is what John Boehner had to say.