Suzanna Bobadilla
Suzanna Bobadilla

Dear D.C., You're So Much More Than 'Washington'

This shutdown might prove that D.C. sucks, but I never doubt you, Washington.

This Feminist Revolution Will Be Televised

But it won't assume that women are only interested in yogurt, shoes, and/or birth control.

Happy Women's Equality Day — Now Keep Fighting

It's been almost a century since the ratification of the 19th Amendment, but can we say that we've reached equality for women?

Why I'm Proud to Be a Part of Know Your IX

Everyone should take notice of the anti-sexual-violence movement's newest digital resource

GoldieBlox is Teaching Girls to Build Their Own World

Debbie Sterling's new toy is revolutionizing how young girls and adults alike think of play and engineering. Here's how her message applies to big kids, too.

Meet Virginia: Andy Murray Isn't the First Brit to Win Wimbledon

For those of you keeping score, Virginia Wade's 1977 Wimbledon win happened after Fred Perry's 1936 and Andy Murray's 2013. Have we forgotten her?

Meet Jessica Bennett, Feminist Powerhouse and Editor Of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In

The unstoppable editor for explains to PolicyMic how feminism helps millennials in the workplace.

8 Best Amazon Reviews Of Wendy Davis's Shoes

It's moments like these that make me want to hug the internet.

Meet the Young Latinas Standing Up For Abortion Rights

It's time policymakers acknowledge the power behind Latinos' nuanced reproductive justice attitudes.

Father's Day 2013: 5 Lessons on Feminism I've Learned From My Dad

Spoiler alert: Feminism and old-school dads are not mortal enemies.

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming An Annoying D.C. Summer Intern

Congrats, you just moved to a swamp.


Susan Patton Princeton Column Underestimates the Value Of Single Life

The viral Princeton column, which encourages female students to find husbands before graduation, inadvertently smears single people. We need to try to stop seeing it as a fault.

Women in the World 2013 Recap: Girls' Education, Women in Syria Take the Stage

On April 4, over 1,000 attendees descended upon New York's Lincoln Center for the first evening of programming at the Daily Beast's 2013 Women in the World Summit. Here's what happened.

College Sexual Assault: How Students Can Help Prevent Rape On Campus

Recognizing that rape happens on college campuses does not mean that students are powerless to stop it.