Andrew Ian Dodge
Andrew Ian Dodge

Tea Party Racism: Tea Partiers Who Support the English Defence League Should Find New Friends

Some Tea Party movement leaders are praising the English Defence League. This is a mistake and could backfire badly.


Gun Control Debate: Shocking New Poll Finds Majority Support Handgun Ownership

Flying in the fact of "common knowledge" about the attitude towards guns, this poll highlights some interesting conclusion in the wider gun control debate.

Bobby Jindal School Vouchers: Louisiana Governor's Program Ruled Unconstitutional

Is it game over for vouchers in Louisiana, and what does it do to Bobby Jindal's presidential ambitions?

Nigel Farage: UKIP Leader's Success Leads to Wordplay

The Brits have coined a new word to describe the United Kingdom Independence Party's triumph at the polls this week. Of course, being British, the word has to be a sexual innuendo.

Is the UK Independence Party the United Kingdom's Tea Party?

Tea Party-like UKIP explodes onto the UK political scene by getting over 25% of the total vote. The major parties are reeling and unsure how to react.

Oy Vey! Republicans in Florida Want to Ban Orthodox Jewish Women From Divorcing?

It might be by mistake or poor wording, but a new bill will ban Orthodox Florida women from getting a divorce. Is the GOP going completely insane?

Wanna Learn Java? Well, There is a Game For That!

In a move that might just put a few old school programmers' noses out of joint, a new game is being trialed to teach Java.

CISPA: Why Is Congress Determined to Kill Internet Freedom?

Despite all the problems facing the U.S. right now, DC has decided to set it sights on the internet.

Midterm Elections 2014: Three Races That Are Already Kicking Off

We're just barely into the spring of 2013, and the political parties are already at it for 2014.

'Bioshock: Infinite' Review: What Can It Teach Conservatives About Racism?

Bioshock: Infinite is a good reminder that conservatives and libetarians need to be wary of those who would infiltrate their movement with not-so-pure motives and beliefs.

Maine GOP Continues to Devour Its Own

Penobscot County, Maine, is the center of almighty storm of chaos that has seen several Maine GOP committee members resign.


South Carolina Special Election Gets a Big Dose of Rick Santorum

Just when you thought South Carolina politics couldn't get more surreal ... well, you know where this is headed. Rick Santorum just endorsed Mark Sanford's opponent.

It's Time For Google to Go to Space

Now that Google is no longer supporting Reader and several other projects, it should invest in the private space industry and develop a Google-branded moon base, among other things.

DOMA and Prop 8: Gay Marriage is Right, Both Constitutional and Fair

The argument saying that allowing gay marriage to occur will undermine straight people’s marriage is ludicrous.

3 Crazy Ideas That Google Could Make a Reality

Google may have killed Reader and a bunch of other projects in development, but that just means there's more crazy sci-fi stuff for them to work on. Here are three projects Google should pursue.

Florida Could Be Overrun By Pot Smoking Grandmas and Grandpas

A candidate for governor and some Tallahassee politicians want Florida to be the next state to legalize medical cannabis.


Drone Strikes: Obama Sends UAVs to Niger, Makes the Right Move

Obama has deployed drones in Western Africa to help France in their fight against Islamists. Ultimately, it's a good idea.

Gun Control Debate: Violent Video Games Actually Decrease Violence, Study Finds

Try as politicians & the NRA might, there is still no evidence video games cause violence.

Sequestration 2013: How Many Jobs Will Be Lost?

Forty percent of Americans are comfortable with the sequester kicking in. But just how many people are going to get a pink slip when it does?

Maine Drones: Bill Limiting Drone Usage Necessary For Safety Of Americans

It is time we stood up to the use of drones on innocent Americans in their own country and states.