Benjamin Byron
Benjamin Byron
March 13, 2013

A More Libertarian Republican Party Would Be a Wrong Turn For the GOP

Calls for a more principled libertarian stance from the GOP to build support among millennials are wrong about millennial concerns and what millennials want from their government.

Feb. 1, 2013

5 Reasons Our Obsession With U.S. Debt is Crippling Economic Recovery

The U.S. debt obsession is putting deficit reduction ahead of economic growth and is the main reason for our weak recovery.
Dec. 28, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Solutions: Are We About to See European-Style Austerity?

Austerity hawks have lobbied for deficit reduction with the express interest of putting the U.S. economy on a more stable footing. The fiscal cliff is the answer to their prayers, or is it?
Sept. 13, 2012

QE3 Fed Announcement: Things to Consider Before a New Round of Quantitative Easing Happens

Many economists believe that the Fed needs to take decisive action in order to improve economic conditions.
Sept. 5, 2012

How Conservatives Have Demonized Science Learning in America

Science is critical in crafting public policy even though its findings can be controversial. Ignoring the role of science in politics won't improve public trust or understanding of science.
Aug. 29, 2012

American Idiots: Our Own Political Ignorance is Destroying Our Political System

Our political culture is in decline. And it is dragging our political system with it.

April 19, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Greatest Liability in 2012? The Republican Party

For all the success Mitt Romney has had as a businessman, winning the 2012 election will be the hardest sell of his life.
March 2, 2012

Barack Obama Debt Plan Reduces Deficit While All Other Republican Candidates Increase Deficit

The Republican candidates for president offer various budgetary approaches, yet none of them shrink the debt and all of them advantage the richest Americans at the expense of the poorest.
Jan. 27, 2012

How the Government Can Save the Middle Class and Reverse Income Inequality

Income inequality has grown dramatically over the last 30 years to the detriment of many Americans and the overall U.S. economy. We must correct this trend to recapture the American Dream.
Nov. 8, 2011

Slow Job Growth Unrelated to Government Policies

Low demand, not government policy, is to blame for slow job growth.
Nov. 1, 2011

Austerity Programs Will Not Solve U.S. Economic Woes

Conservatives arguing for government cuts in order to tackle national debt offer a misguided approach for economic growth, one that will only worsen the current malaise.

Oct. 31, 2011

Did the Economic Stimulus Really Help Ease the Great Recession?

Conservatives use the perception that the stimulus failed to argue against the benefits of government spending during downturns. Myths like this need to be debunked in order to move forward.
Aug. 5, 2011

Congress Can Create Jobs by Creating Demand

Congress's next step is to tackle the issue of slow job growth. But it unfortunately has few tools to tackle the real economic burden: low demand.
May 20, 2011

The Beginning of the End for Global Islamist Terrorism

The Arab Spring and the death of Osama bin Laden have significantly weakened global Islamist terrorism. Islamist violence will be more domestically-focused in the future.
Feb. 18, 2011

Byron v. Hutchinson: The Real Charade of Nonparticipation

Young people are impacted so much by politicians' decisions, yet we refuse to make our voices heard by voting. Nonparticipation in elections is a ticket to indifference and irrelevance.
Feb. 1, 2011

Byron v. Lalla: Winning the Afghan War, But Losing the Region

Success in Afghanistan, including parallel military, political, and diplomatic solutions, is impossible given Americans' diminshing will for war. The U.S. should bring the war to a close.

Jan. 13, 2011

Byron v. Hudson: Let's Inform, Not Inflame, on Israel and Iran

The chance that Israel will launch a military strike on Iran is quite low, so the recurring debates on the merits of Israeli preemption might be more inflammatory, than informative.
Jan. 5, 2011

Byron v. Doshi: Should the U.S. Prosecute Wikileaks?

American politicians have spoken out strongly against Wikileaks as jeopardizing national security. Should the government go the next step and take them to court?