Geoffrey Taylor
Geoffrey Taylor

Father's Day 2013: In Memory Of My Very Odd Father

Many have, or had, fathers who were not worth a tear. Others, like me, were luckier. If such a fine Daddio is yours, and he still lives, tell him things. Listen to him, and be heard.

Adam Lanza Shooting: Remember the Victims of Newtown This Christmas

However you worship or don’t worship in this season, seek to see the precious spark in every child. Keep the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in your hearts.

Mayan Doomsday: 7 Survivalist Gifts that Work For the Holidays or the End of Days

Seven wonderfully practical gifts that won't be returned, ever. They'll either last a lifetime, or do nicely in the event of the apocalypse.

Travel on Thanksgiving: 7 Tips

In wintertime, a car makes a darn poor hotel room with no amenities. If you plan a little, you'll be very glad. If not, maybe you'll be very dead.

Hostess Bankruptcy: Why Twinkie Will Survive

Life is short, except for shelf life. All the rivers run into the sea, but the Twinkie abides.

Ann Coulter: A Liberal Defense of the Conservative Pundit

“Well, then, you must be a retard.” Verbatim, what was said by fellow Dems when I tried to explain my complicated, ambivalent feelings about Ann Coulter.


Jared Loughner 7 Life Sentences Will Not Replace the 6 Lives He Took

Gabby Giffords' shooter will live out his long life with zero responsibilities, at a rough cost of $75,000 a year for taxpayers.