Peter Dawson
Peter Dawson

Why HBO's "The Newsroom" Will Never Live Up to Expectations

HBO's The Newsroom is likely going to be renewed for a third season. The problem is creator Aaron Sorkin can't seem to recreate the same magic he had for his four seasons on The West Wing.

Scott DesJarlais: Reelection Reveals Tea Party Hypocrisy

Despite Congressman Scott DesJarlais's disgraceful abuses of power, the purported pro-life advocate was reelected to a second term in Tennessee fueled by Tea Party momentum.

Kentucky Basketball Could Change the World of College Basketball Forever This Season

Kentucky's men's college basketball team this season could permanently revolutionize college basketball.

Election Results: Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Mr. President, the easy part is now over.

Who Is Winning the Election: Look to Virginia for Best Results in an Unpredictable Election

As exit polls come out, Romney does not appear to be winning states like Virginia that he should have locked up long ago.

What The Economist's Endorsement of President Obama Really Means

Should The Economist’s endorsement of Barrack Obama for President carry any weight?

How I Met Your Mother Season 8: The Tarnished Legacy of a Hit Sitcom

"How I Met Your Mother" is now in season 8, and it's losing momentum fast. Ultimately, it's the show's premise that may make it unwatchable.

John Farrell in Boston: Why the New Red Sox Manager Can Turn the Team Around

John Farrell has the potential to turn around the Boston Red Sox, but he'll have to start with the worst Sox team in at least 10 years.

President Debate Winner: Obama Wins Presidential Foreign Policy Debate

Despite a somewhat inconsistent record, President Obama has a much more intimate knowledge of foreign relations, especially regarding the Middle East.

Presidential Debate Tonight: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Stand on Shaky Ground with Libya

Given the gaps of information from the Obama administration; and Mitt Romney's politicizing the death of a U.S. ambassador, both candidates will play it safe given the closeness in polls.

Presidential Debate Tonight: Obama Suffers From Romnesia Too

Mitt Romney is not alone. Obama's shifting stances on the issues, since he was a candidate and now as president, show he also suffers from Romnesia.


Latest Presidential Polls: Obama Holds Insurmountable Lead in the Electoral College

Despite the best efforts of Mitt Romney's campaign to close the gap, it may be impossible for the Republican challenger to overcome what has become a numbers game in the Electoral College.

Tim Tebow is Not the Real Solution to Mark Sanchez and the Jets QB Woes

As the New York Jets continue to struggle, and the performance of Mark Sanchez grows worse, the calls for Tim Tebow are growing louder. But he's hardly the solution to what ails the Jets.