Lenny DeFranco
Lenny DeFranco

A Progressive Argument For Putting an End to Tipping

It's a dirty practice that needs to be kicked to the curb.


Forget the Approval Numbers — Here's Why Obama is Guaranteed a Great Legacy

President Obama has bad poll numbers at the end of a tough 2013. To history, though, they'll mean little after this PR dream of a president has a few decades to influence how we remember him.

TIME Magazine Wins Fail Of the Year For Snubbing Edward Snowden

In snubbing Edward Snowden, TIME magazine missed the boat on a watershed moment that will resonate for the rest of our lives.

Pope Francis Rails Against the Religion Of Capitalism

Pope Francis' already-famous tract may seem like a liberal turn for the Catholic Church, but in reality it confronts an existing shift in power between God and the gospel of the dollar.

Why Would a Teenager Shoot Up Bryant Park Over a Jacket?

After digging into this sad, frustrating story, I found myself unable to reconcile the two competing strains of thought on the issue.


Town Of Greece v. Galloway Oral Arguments Reveal Indefensible Case For Government Prayer

Unfortunately for proponents of secular government, the case heard on Wednesday is a matter of political correctness and diversity, not the real question of religion's place in government.

Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio is a Red Sox Fan — And That's Good For New York

Bill de Blasio's unrepentant Red Sox fandom makes an important statement about his city's openness to outsiders and different cultures — in other words, what makes New York unique.

Consumer Confidence Index: Is This Massive Drop What the Tea Party Wanted?

As the economic data rolls in, the Tea Party's efforts to unencumber the U.S. from the government are increasingly shown to have backfired.

Bitcoin ATM Will Either Be a Banking Revolution Or Open Season For Criminals

The first-ever bitcoin ATM is an important milestone in the digital currency's story. What exactly bitcoin represents, though, is a different story.

'Game Of Bones': 7 Other TV Porn Parodies Which Should Happen

Now that we've taken care of the Game of Thrones porn parody, let's get to work on these others.


That Time Princeton Students Voted Adolf Hitler "The Greatest Living Man"

Tired of being lectured about your Facebook photos? Here's what an actual stain on your record looks like, in language your feeble millennial mind can understand.

Saudi Arabia Driving Ban: I Can't Believe People Still Have to Protest This Crap

Saudi government's excuse has long been that they enforce a ban on women driving ban because society supports it. What if that changes?

New York Post Story on Marine's 'Girly' Hats is Classic New York Post

The 'New York Post' fabricated its way into insulting female Marines for the fun of it, and threw the French in just for kicks.

World Series 2013 Ratings: Baseball Needs to Get Its Groove Back

Keith Olbermann delivered a well-received soliloquy on the cratered ratings of the Fall Classic Thursday night. Here's why he's wrong, and what could actually help baseball revive its mojo.

Michael Hayden Leaks Secrets on Amtrak, and Teaches Himself a Lesson in Spying

With secret-keepers like this, who needs whistleblowers? Michael Hayden ends up making a rooking mistake on the Amtrak train.


Think Democrats Won the Shutdown? Here's Why You're Wrong

Democrats are wrong to claim that they won anything in the deal that ended the shutdown. So, stop gloating about it.

5 Unexpected Lessons From the 2013 Government Shutdown

To celebrate the start of week #3 of the budget impasse —including the exciting prospect of a penniless federal government!— here are 5 observations from the shutdown's first two weeks.

Here's How to Live Your Life Like a Member of Congress

A primer on how to use the principles of the United States Congress to august-ify your own life. (Note: Not to be confused with the "Idiot's Guide" series.)

Government Shutdown 2013: Here's Why the Tea Party Wants to Keep it This Way

Those of us bewildered by the Tea Party's obstinacy on the budget appropriations are failing to consider a terrifying thought: What if they really like the government better when it's shut down?