Rachel Wilson
Rachel Wilson

3 Websites From the Ancient Internet That Future Archaeologists Will Judge Us On

Pre-web design websites are the new relics. What will our online culture say about us to the people of the future?

'Django Unchained' Oscar Nomination: Is Tarantino's Contender for Best Picture Really Racist?

Tarantino's new film on American slavery is doing well at the box office, but what is the controversy surrounding its depiction of slavery and racism?

Les Miserables Movie Review: A Spectacular Musical Adaptation for the Holidays

The worldwide sensation seen from a great new perspective, in theaters on Christmas Day.

Zero Dark Thirty Review: A Movie Obsessed With Trying to Achieve Perfection

Is Kathryn Bigelow's new film, a frontrunner in this year's award season, at war with itself?

Needing Freedom From Freedom: Recoving From a Democratic Election Season in Overdrive

After the election's end: relief. After two years of campaigning, and $6 billion spent, was all of that really worth it?

Electoral College: What is the Electoral College and Who Elects the President

Who really picks the American president? Facts and debates about the Electoral College on the night of the popular vote.


Whos Winning the Election: Why Mitt Romney Will Lose on Election Day

Taking stock of past elections, there's a clear reason why Romney will lose on Election Day; and it's not because of Barack Obama.

The Casual Vacancy Review: JK Rowling Has Not Mastered Life Without Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling defined a generation of readers with her "Harry Potter" series. Rowling is desperate to write an adult novel, but "The Casual Vacancy" only succeeds at being a little creepy.