Jonathan Tkachuk
Jonathan Tkachuk
June 18, 2013

Bashar Al Assad: Why An American No-Fly Zone Won't Bring Regime Change to Syria

If the past decade has taught us anything, it's that regime change is easier said than done.

June 17, 2013

Bashar Al-Assad: Taking Him Out Is a Step Towards War With Iran

Obama isn't arming the Syrian rebels for humanitarian reasons. It's a shot across the bow at Iran and its new president: We're coming for you.
June 11, 2013

Benghazi Conspiracy: Was Ambassador Christopher Stevens Killed by Lethal Injection?

Al-Qaeda bombmaker Abdullah Dhu-al-Bajadin claims that the U.S. ambassador killed in the Benghazi consulate attack was actually executed via lethal injection. Is this the real coverup?
June 7, 2013

6 Times the Obama Administration Has Said "No" to "Allies"

The Obama administration, rightly or wrongly, has sought to distance itself from its allies. Here are six times Obama said "no."
June 5, 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Could He Get Killed Before His Trial?

Two reasons why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could die before coming to trial.
May 23, 2013

5 Reasons Iran is a Great Choice to Head the UN Disarmament Conference

Okay, so Iran probably shouldn't have chairmanship of the UN Conference on Disarmament. But here are five reasons the U.S. should shut up and pretend it should.

May 16, 2013

Nawaz Sharif: After Pakistan Elections, New PM Facing Desperate Challenges Against New Government

Skyrocketing unemployment, military uneasiness with civilian rule, and a growing Islamist insurgency are just some of the many challenges facing Pakistan's new prime minister.
April 24, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing: U.S. Intelligence Better Post-9/11

Our intelligence services have gone above and beyond in order to ensure that 9/11-style terrorism remains what it was nearly twelve years ago: a historical anomaly.
April 16, 2013

Military Budget Cuts: How Much Will They Change Things, Really?

Large-scale pentagon budget cuts will likely not lead to any fundamental reconsideration of American military strategy, no matter what Chuck Hagel says.
April 16, 2013

5 Very Hard Lessons Americans Must Learn From the Boston Marathon Bombing

Americans come to terms with these five hard truths regarding terrorist acts. If not the public’s already shallow understanding of this and other events like it will be muddled.
March 31, 2013

Should the U.S. Even Bother Defending South Korea?

It's a little strange that you never hear anyone saying we should let the Koreas work out their own problems — especially considering how commonly we hear intervention is a bad idea.

March 19, 2013

Iraq War 10 Year Anniversary is Here, And the Middle East is in Anarchy

The War in Iraq accomplished little in the way of promoting international security or regional stability. Instead, it annihilated Iraqi sovereignty and threw the Middle East into madness.
March 10, 2013

Obama Drones: President Perpetuating Global War On Terror With Aircraft, Cyber Warfare

By using the weapons of assassination while reserving the exclusive right of designating an individual an "enemy combatant," Obama has cemented the groundwork for permanent war.
Feb. 28, 2013

John Kerry Egypt Trip: Syria, Palestine Will Be On the Agenda

John Kerry is scheduled to visit Egypt during his upcoming first overseas tour as secretary of state. Here's why Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict might be high on the agenda.
Feb. 12, 2013

3 Foreign Policy Issues Obama Should Address In the State Of the Union, But Won't

President Obama should address substantive foreign policy issues in his State of the Union Tuesday night, but he probably won't. Here are three problems we should hear more about.
Feb. 1, 2013

5 Foreign Policy Failures During Hillary Clinton's Time As Secretary Of State

While the outgoing secretary of state has amassed an impressive record of public service, Hillary Clinton nonetheless made significant errors on foreign policy while in office.

Jan. 22, 2013

5 Reasons Why Benghazi Will Not Be a Career Ending Mistake For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton testifies about Benghazi on January 23. No matter the outcome, the event will prove to be anything but a career ending mistake for the secretary of state.
Jan. 16, 2013

3 Reasons Why John Brennan is An Outstanding Pick For CIA Director

While some have critiqued Obama for picking John Brennan, the architect of the U.S. drone warfare policy, for CIA director, he's the best person for the job. Here are 3 reasons why.
Jan. 8, 2013

What Happens to Venezuela When Hugo Chavez Dies? Almost Nothing

The two men vying for the Venezuelan presidency in the event of Chavez's death are just like Chavez.
Jan. 5, 2013

13 Foreign Policy Challenges (and Predictions) For America in 2013

From Syria to Israel to Egypt to Iran, these are the 13 foreign policy issue the Obama administration will have to deal with during its second term.