Camira Powell
Camira Powell

MLK Day of Service: How You Can Honor the Legacy Of the Civil Rights Hero

Millions of people gather together to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by serving others, not just themselves, in an MLK Day of Service.


Prop 34 and Prop 37: In California the Propositions are More Important Than the Vote for President

For Californians, voting for propositions matters much more than voting for the president.

The Crisis of Black Leadership: As Old Hands Like Al Sharpton Show Their Age, Who Will Take Up the Reins?

Who are the up and coming African American leaders in the millennial generation, and why are they so hard to find?

Mia Love Wikipedia Page Allegedly Hacked: N Word Insult is Insulting to Everyone

The recent onslaught of insults against Mia Love are unacceptable.

Hurricane Isaac 2012: Storm Raises Gas Prices By As High As 14 Cents Across the Nation

Gas prices have ben rising sharply, almost 5 cents a gallon nationwide, but as high as 14 cents in some states on Wednesday because of Hurricane Isaac.

Michael Jackson Birthday: 7 Ways the King of Pop is Still Bad

In honor of what would be his 54th birthday, here are seven ways that MJ legacy lives on. New music, new movies; the King of Pop is still 'Bad.'


Millennial Leader to Watch: Andrew Bo Young, III

By using his business background nonprofit as a business, Young is helping to fight poverty “using a start-up approach.”

Millennial Leader to Watch: Marine Biologist Inspires Children of Color

As one of the few people of color promoting ocean education, Daniell Washington is following her passion and inspiring people to take a stand.

New Once-a-Day HIV Pill Stribild is a Medical Breakthrough, but it is Not a Cure

In a huge scientific breakthrough, a new once-a-day pill to treat HIV infection was approved by the FDA on Monday.

Ron Paul at the RNC: 7 Reasons it Will Be Lame Without Him and Other Top Republicans

Seven reasons why a tamer RNC might be a lamer one, too.

Mark Sanford Gets Engaged to Argentina Mistress Maria Belen Chapur, Gears Up for Comeback

The former South Carolina governor, who got caught lying about his supposed trip to the Appalachian Trail, is planning on making his Argentine "soul mate" a First American Lady.

In Joseph Gordon Levitt, Hollywood Has Found The Next Superstar

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is being eyed as Hollywood’s next super leading man and he deserves the attention.

Oprah Endorses Michael Tubbs: Young Democrat Wants to Rebuild His Broken Home Town

Michael Tubbs, a recent Stanford graduate, is making waves in his inspiring run for Stockton City Council.

Rodney King Death Accidental: In Honor of King and Trayvon Martin We Should All Just Get Along

Regardless of the conditions of his death, his impact in the fight against police brutality must not be forgotten.

Prince Harry Naked Pictures: Why It Is No Big Deal A British Royal is In a Nude Scandal

This little incident is not the first shocking thing the prince has done, and it may not be last, but that doesn’t mean we should demonize him for having a good time.

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel Movie: We Want a Wonder Woman Movie, Not Another Superman Reboot

With all of this progress, it would be nice for a phenomenal female like Wonder Woman to shine on the big screen, representing all the wonderful women out there already.

Man of Steel: What New Superman Movie Says About State of Journalism Today

If Zach Snyder wants to make Superman relevant to this generation, one major thing needs to change: his job at the Daily Planet.

50 Shades of Grey Book is Helping to Keep Barnes and Noble Afloat

50 Shades of Grey is saving bookstores like Barnes & Noble from demise.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Will Outdo Batman and the Dark Knight Franchise

British cutie, Henry Cavill, could keep the superhero genre alive with his portrayal of Superman in upcoming "Man of Steel."

The Ultimate Pocketbook to Pregnancy, Rape, and the Female Body: For All the Todd Akins Out There

Here's a little guide to debunk some common, but dangerous, misconceptions about pregnancy from rape.