Drew Miller
Drew Miller

Ancient History of Valentine's Day Reveals a Super Kinky Past

Valentine's Day is SO mainstream.

How Bill Nye Proved a Few Atheists Wrong at Last Night's Creationism Debate

After all, creationists don't have a monopoly on being misguided.

Why 'Atheist Churches' Are Making Us Atheists Look Ridiculous

As if the Sunday Assembly weren't absurd enough, disgruntled former members have formed a splinter sect called Godless Revival. Ugh.

John Hagee Tells Atheists To "Take Your Walkman and Stuff It"

Megachurch Pastor John Hagee brings us some Yuletide Christian Love.

Why Atheist Billboards Are an Effective Way to Promote Acceptance Of Non-belief

Billboards might be an old-fashioned way to advertise, but they're memorable for the same reason internet memes are.


6 Wild Quotes From Christopher Hitchens That Will Remind You Why You're An Atheist

Hitch may have passed on, but his words still ring loud and clear.

What Atheists — and Every American — Can Expect From Our Christian Military

“We will need to press ahead ... not allowing the opposition, all of which is spearheaded by Satan, to keep us from the mission of reclaiming territory for Christ in the military.”

How Atheists Are Fighting Back Against Military Discrimination

You'd think we'd make every effort to respect the beliefs of each of our soldiers. (You'd be wrong.)

Inside the Military's Campaign to Make Its Soldiers Christian

Your commander is a Christian, and you're not. Does he have a right to talk to you about finding Jesus?

5 Famous Americans You Never Knew Were Atheists

A wizard, a soldier, a poet, an astronomer, and an author show why today's God skeptics are in good company.


Tips For "Coming Out" to Friends, Family, and the World — As An Atheist

Revealing yourself to your family as a freethinker can be incredibly stressful, especially if they're among the faithful. Is it worth the trouble?

6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Atheists

We're here. We're skeptical. And we're dreadfully misunderstood.

Kermit Gosnell Is to Abortion As Adam Lanza Is to Guns — An Outlier

Both men horrifically abused a fundamental freedom. Let's not let them become straw men in our national discussion

Sanal Edamaruku: Backlash Against Indian Skeptic Shows the Tyranny Of Religion

An Indian skeptic faces three years in prison for revealing "holy water" to be pollution. What a horrible person!

4 Great Parodies Of the Ubiquitous Jesus Fish

"I really, positively, absolutely NEED you to know I'm a Christian."

National Day Of Prayer 2013: Protest With National Day Of Reason

You could spend the National Day of Prayer praying, or you could do something that actually matters!

5 Symbols You've Always Used But Probably Can't Name

Octothorpes, Grawlixes, and Interrobangs, oh my!

Republicans Vow to Repeal Obamacare and Roe v. Wade — Using Time Machine (Satire)

The time machine, codenamed "Operation Sisyphus," has long been a pet project of the Congressional GOP. Republicans hope to go from the "anti-science party" to the "pro-science fiction" one.

Cheerful, Smiling New Pope Francis I Angers Hardliners in Rome

The election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis I has angered the conservative wing of the Papal Conclave, who wanted to see a more "undead, Benedict-esque" face claim the Papacy.