Medha Chandorkar
Medha Chandorkar

Nelson Mandela Dies and the World Loses One of the Greatest Leaders

Mandela was a true hero of our generation.


George Clooney On Typhoon Haiyan: Ignoring Climate Change is "Ridiculous"

Meanwhile, thousands have been killed in the massive typhoon that hit the Philippines.

'Double Down: Game Change 2012' Confirms Mitt Romney Thinks Fat People Are Hilarious

What else did we expect from a known gay-bashing bully?

The Horrifying Way Doctors Were Used In the War On Terror

The CIA can apparently violate basic medical ethics without a second thought.

Tim Cook Has a Powerful Message On LGBT Rights That Every CEO Needs to Hear

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act advocates for social justice for LGBT individuals, but it also makes good business sense.

This is What China's Suffocating Pollution Storm Looks Like

This smog is so bad, it shut down a city larger than New York.


Afghanistan War Anniversary: Why We Can't Stop Fighting the War You've Forgotten

It's the war that nobody is talking about, but it's one that we just might be able to win.

Ted Cruz Gets Called Out For His Fauxbuster On 'Meet the Press'

Defying all logic and reason, Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Meet the Press to claim that Democrats are absolutists and that the American people support him. Reality indicates the exact opposite.

UN General Assembly Opening: Can Obama Make Israel and Palestine Negotiate?

After recent attacks on Israeli soldiers by Palestinians and continued Israeli development on Palestinian lands, both nations seem poised to forgo peace talks. Obama is trying to keep them at it.

9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Voyager 1

It's been traveling in space for decades, and it may very well have just left the solar system entirely.

Wait Until You Read How Republicans Just Wasted Everyone's Good Time

Republican House members are voting to shut down ACORN, a community organizing group that doesn't even exist anymore. And what's worse is that this isn't the first time.


Dr. Sam Parnia Believes He Can Bring People Back From the Dead

Be prepared to completely redefine death. Dr. Sam Parnia resuscitates twice as many patients as the U.S./UK average and claims that in the near future, we can bring back those dead for a day.

Pa. Governor Tom Corbett Swears the Bribes He Took Were Legal

Initially promising to restore Pennsylvania's accountability, Corbett has accepted upwards of $11,000 in gifts from lobbyists in the past two years. He doesn't deserve his position.

Why Kate Middleton's Post-Birth Dress Was a Feminist Choice

How can a blue, polka-dotted dress possibly contribute to women's empowerment?

Poisoned School Lunch Kills 22 Children — But the Program Must Go On

India needs to face its corruption problem head-on, but until that day comes, the children must be fed.

How Massachusetts Turned the Tables On Domestic Abusers

It's ground-breaking and yet it's so simple. What took so long?

Why Can't Spider-Man Be Gay?

If we can re-cast traditional characters as racial minorities, why not gay minorities as well?

Timothy Dolan Abuse: NYC Cardinal is Still Trying to Sweep Abuse Under the Rug

For an institution that prides itself on morality and religion, the Catholic Church seems to have an awful lot of pedophilia going around.

2 Pakistani Sisters Killed For Dancing in the Rain

They were also killed for being women in a country that insists on stripping them of their rights for the sake of tradition.

Obama Trip to Africa: Focus Will Be On Democracy, Trade, and ... Gay Rights?

Espousing democratic values and free trade are expected when the U.S. president travels abroad, but Obama threw a fastball when he also stood up for LGBT rights.