Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson

5 Creative Ways to Avoid Online Ads

Is the onslaught of internet advertising giving you the blues? Here are some free, and some not-so-free suggestions to help you cope this holiday season.


The Real Problem With Student Loans Is the Organization Giving Them Out

Congress scrambled to restore low Stafford student loan rates, which ironically accelerate tuition increases. Why don't people realize Obamacare will do the same thing to health care costs?

Why Some Jerk Hacking Free Internet Chess is Actually a Big Deal

The brief disabling of the Free Internet Chess Server shows that while governments aggressively fight hackers who attack them, average people are completely on their own.

6 Groups That Just Love Florida's New Ban On Internet Cafes

It's been a month since Florida lawmakers banned strip mall casinos, and any adult arcade that resembled one. Unintended consequences are already piling up, but gambling is alive and well.

3 Ways 3D Printing Anxiety Resurrects Unfounded Fears From 2D Printing

In the hope of stopping crime before it happens, politicians want to ban offensive 3D models from the Internet. Similar fears of 2D printing caused a flurry of laws that has impacted tech before.

Facebook Ads Are Now 40% More Effective, And You Don't Even Have to Click On Them

"Suggested Posts" are stealth ads blended right in between posts from friends on your Facebook news feed. If this is the 21st-century version of subliminal advertising, then it's working.

Google Glasses: Proof That Google is Finally Out-Innovating Apple?

A herd of institutional investors are converting their tech holdings from Apple over to Google. Will Google Glass win the future for Google?

Florida Red-Light Cameras Bill Represents Victory For Civil Liberties

The defeat of automated traffic cameras in Florida is a victory for civil libertarians, liberals, and anyone else who doesn't want robots writing them $158 speeding tickets.

Apple (AAPL) Stock May Crash If the Company Doesn't Learn From Other Tech Company Disasters

Profits and growth appear stagnant, and Apple must learn ASAP from the past mistakes it made without Steve Jobs steering the ship.

FCC Asks FAA to Allow Cell Phones On Flights, Unless You Have An Analog Phone

The FCC has asked the FAA to reconsider it's ban on using cell phones on planes. Unless your phone is analog (which it's not), it shouldn't be a problem.