Beth Ashbridge
Beth Ashbridge

NASA Astronaut Group 21: 8 Brave New Astronauts to Visit Asteroid — Then Mars

Astronaut Group 21 will be the first people on Mars, if NASA has anything to say about it. And the new astronauts are nothing like the old.


Angelina Jolie Masectomy: What Are BRCA Mutations?

What are the nefarious mutations that led to Angelina Jolie's masectomy?

Bangladesh Building Collapse: How Can Safer Buildings Be Built?

An interview with Jo Ashbridge, architect extraordinaire, working and living in Bangladesh to realize a dream of giving better, safer and longer-lasting shelter to low-income families.

This Harvard Professor May Be the Indiana Jones Of the Northeast

Step aside, Indiana Jones. A Harvard professor may have found the answer to that “age-old” quest for immortality.

Scientists On the Verge Of a Major Breakthrough in Treating Anorexia, Mood Disorders

Researchers have been experimenting with a treatment in which electrodes are inserted into specific parts of the brain to treat diseases like Parkinson's and major depression.

Did Humans Really Evolve From Rats?

A new study links human evolution all the way back to the first placenta-bearing mammals: the rat.


Do Humans Have the Genetic Ability to Become Mutant Superheroes?

A new earthworm was found in Britain to have evolved the ability to withstand dangerously high levels of arsenic. Could human evolution ever create similar super mutations?

NASA Landsat 8 Satellite Launch: Where It's Going and What It Could Mean For the Future

The Landsat 8 satellite is scheduled for launch from the Vandenburg Air Force Base in California this Monday, February 11, between 10.02 a.m. and 10.50 a.m. (PST).

Asteroid Mining: Planetary Resources Setting Off the Next 'Gold Rush'

Planetary Resources recently announced its plans to start asteroid mining in the next few years. Asteroids are rich in certain resources and this could be the start of something big.

10 Best Tweets By the NASA Curiosity Rover

The NASA Curiosity Rover is probably the first robot to tweet from Mars. Here are its 10 best tweets (spoiler alert: they're likely sent out by a NASA geek).

Asteroid Collision Course: How Would NASA Handle A Giant Asteroid?

In order to address the individual and specific risk of a potential humanity killer, we would send out a scoping mission to probe its structure. And that would cost some money.


Gun Show Loophole and Assault Weapons Ban: Time for Obama to Step Up for Gun Control

When Lee Harvey Oswald bought a bolt-action rifle in 1963 for under $20 and killed President Kennedy, gun legislation was passed five days later. This is President Obama's moment.