Hannah Kapp-Klote
Hannah Kapp-Klote

Fast Food Strikes: Do You Know How Much the Person That Grills Your Burgers Makes?

St. Louis, New York, Chicago: fast food workers are striking for a living wage around the country. Detroit is following suit.


Marketplace Fairness Act: Everyone Loves It But Ebay

Everyone's on board with the Marketplace Fairness Act to install an online sales tax ... Democrats, the Tea Party, and Amazon. Everyone, that is, but Ebay. Why?

Why Are Millennials So Optimistic? Because They've Got Nothing to Lose

In spite of economic hardships, millennial are an optimistic generation. Here's why.

7 Reasons Millennials Are Such Narcissists

Point fingers with abandon, because you made us this way.

Working Families Flexibility Act: It's Awkward How Little Flexibility It Actually Gives Workers

Everything about the Working Families Flexibility Act is fantastic, as long as you're a manager and not, you know, part of an actual working family.

Howard Kurtz Fired: Given Lack Of Standards, He'll Live to Pundit Another Day

Howard Kurtz is not alone. Plenty of pundits make major errors, but the real question is, who is calling them out?

Prom 2013: Low Income Families Spend More On Prom Costs

Perhaps families are trying to make up for decreased economic success with the celebration of a single night, one that most teenagers can get excited about.

Climate Change Weather: Why is It Snowing in May and Does It Have Anything to Do With Global Warming?

All I know is that my weekend plans have changed from having a picnic to going sledding.

Blackberry Security: Passes Department Of Defense, So Why Can't iPhones?

Blackberries have now been cleared as secure by the Department of Defense. What does this say about the security of the rest of our handheld devices?

'Rodham' Movie: 7 Actresses Who Could Play Hillary Clinton

Whichever actress is selected to play young Hillary in this biopic will have some big shoes to fill.

Human Rights Campaign: Largest LGBT Donors Are Drone Manufacturers

Inequality draped in a rainbow flag is still inequality. LGBT justice is bound up with justice for the people exploited by LGBT corporate donors.

Pink Calls Herself a "Reformed Slut": Why Do Sluts Need Reforming?

The self-identified feminist pop star has settled down, calling herself a "reformed slut," but who says sluts need reforming?

Michelle Obama Arms: Americans Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Her

The First Lady represents a new beauty standard: the glamour of muscle.

Prague Gas Explosion: Not Terrorist Attack, But 40 Were Injured

An unexpected gas explosion in Central Prague has harmed dozens and caused significant damage to the city.

Homeless People in Detroit Are Getting Shoved Into Cop Cars and Ditched Past the City Limits

Homelessness is not a crime. But the very entity that is supposed to be preventing it, the government, is just throwing the homeless outside of its boundaries.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: It Reveals the Human Cost of Cheap Labor

It's time for multinational corporations to take labor standards seriously, all over the world.


New Federal Regulations Will Increase Rape Victim Access to Plan B

New voluntary standards for medical professionals are vital to responding to sexual assault: helping the survivor, and the perpetrator of the attack.

Gay Marriage is Not As Important As the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Forget marriage: employment nondiscrimination is the most important LGBTQ issue of our time.

Israeli Human Rights Violations Acknowledged By U.S. State Department

In a rare rebuke of Israeli policy, the state department has concluded that Israel has violated Palestinians' human rights.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why is Mark Zuckerberg Promoting It With Huge Ad Campaigns?

The founder of Facebook is taking on a new type of social networking: political campaigning for a hot-button issue. His advocacy also reveals other challenges facing the American economy.