Eboni Boykin
Eboni Boykin

Are Romantic Comedies Hopelessly Outdated?

Of the 25 highest grossing romantic comedies released between the years of 1995 and 2013, only two are from the last five years. Rom-coms are in trouble.

7 GIFs That Perfectly Show How Underclassmen Feel About Graduation

Graduation is a wonderful time to reflect on all of the challenges you have overcome to get your degree, but what about those of us who aren't going anywhere for a year or more?

5 Most Badass Action Movies Heroines

In order to encourage more strong characters like these, I'd like to celebrate the ones we already have. Here are the best action movie heroines from recent years.

5 Female Characters From Your Childhood You'd Never See On TV Today

Nowadays, there is a shortage of heroines that are portrayed as equally strong and smart as other male characters. Bring these five feminist characters back.

Mother's Day 2013: 5 Most Influential "Moms-in-Chief"

In honor of the day that celebrates the women who brought us into the world, let's have a look at five of the most influential "Moms-in-Chief."

6 Politicians You Never Knew Had Tattoos

The perception of tattoos has changed dramatically over the years, but how do our views on them change when they show up on our civil leaders?


Arbor Day 2013: How Planting Trees Promotes Equality

This Arbor Day, remember Professor Wangari Maathai, who founded the Green Belt Movement to plant trees and empower the women and children of Kenya.

Obama Kamala Harris: Did He Hurt Her Career By Calling Her Attractive?

Research shows that referring to a female political candidate's physical appearance hurts her chances of winning, so Obama may very well have damaged Harris' career as Calif. Attorney General.

Women's History Month: Not All Pioneers Of Women's Suffrage Movement Were White

Many history texts depict Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton as the stars of the women's suffrage movement, letting women of color such as Ida B. Wells, fall through the cracks.

Oscars 2013: Everything You Need to Know About Sexism In the Academy

In 85 years, only 4 women have been nominated for Best Director, and Kathryn Bigelow is the only female to have won the award. This video shows just how unbelievable this is.

5 Presidents and Prime Ministers Who Just So Happen to Be Women

The U.S. may only have a history of male presidents, but around the world female leaders are bringing their countries proudly into the 21st century.


Sullivan High School Prom: Christian Students Throw Alternate "Traditional" Prom, Banning Gays

Students at an Indiana High School are citing their Christian beliefs as a reason to throw a private alternate prom without gay people. What's wrong with this picture?

"Some Nights" Grammy: The Pop Rock Anthem Millennials Have Been Waiting For

fun.'s song is without question the anthem for our generation. Here's why.

What Does Ann Coulter Know About Being Black?

"If you're gonna talk about race, at least know what you're talking about," Whoopi Goldberg said to Ann Coulter. And she's right.

5 Celebrities Who Really Didn't Need to Become Authors

From Tyra Banks to Snooki, celebs have been writing fiction. But how legit are these "novels"?

It's Time to Stop Saying, "That's So Gay"

By saying the phrase, "that's so gay" we effectively turn someone's identity into a negatively-charged insult. Is this really the type of language we want to be using?

5 Awesome Women Who Should Be On Twitter

If you're an avid follower of Kanye West, it's easy to forget that not every celebrity is on Twitter. Here are 5 awesome women we wish would join in the #fun.

Writers Guild Nominations 2013: Only 2 Women Make Nominee List

Only two women were nominated for the Writers Guild Award in 2013, but this may be completely coincidental.

Iowa Supreme Court Rules You Can Be Fired for Being Too Attractive

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that a dentist was within his legal rights to fire an employee who was considered "irresistibly attractive." So, can anyone be fired for being too good looking?

Pulitzer Prize Winner Gets Fired from Newsweek: A Shock for Journalists Everywhere

Last Thursday, journalist Roban Givhan was laid off in a round of cuts at Newsweek. If a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist can get laid off, where does that leave aspiring journalists