Haven Pell
Haven Pell

NSA PRISM Program: What Buying a Patio Umbrella Taught Me About Edward Snowden

The Snowden episode will shake up the traditional coalitions and raise more than he usual number of challenging questions about how reasonable it is for us to expect privacy.

Tim Cook Senate Hearing: Apple's Day in Congress Reveals Shocking Truth That Governments Compete For Tax Money

Selling tax loopholes for campaign contributions leaves plenty of room for other countries to take advantage, just as Ireland did with Apple.

College ROI: Is a Degree Worth the Cost?

Is there value in a college degree? Well, turns out that depends on where you attended.

Sequestration 2013: What Washington D.C. Can Learn From the NCAA

March Madness is upon us and holds some keys for Washington D.C.; namely, a way to fix the sequester mess.

Sequestration 2013: It's No Big Deal, Really

The chattering classes are shouting from the rooftops all the awful things that will happen if sequestration goes into effect. Mostly, they're full of it.

S&P Lawsuit: The Questions That Should've Been Asked

The United States government, joined by quite a number of states, has sued Standard & Poor's Corporation. These are the questions they should've asked.

11 Reasons Why You Should Short Or Sell the NFL

The NFL has never been popular, but can the league sustain it in the coming years? Here are 11 reasons for why you should think twice before going deep on the NFL

Debt Ceiling 2013: Using Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin To Pay Off Debt Marks High Point of Stupidity

In a continuing quest to determine exactly how stupid we are, some, like Paul Krugman, have come up with a truly idiotic plan: to use a $1 trillion platinum coin to fund the government.

Tim Geithner May Go Directly From Treasury to a Cushy Banking Job

Tim Geithner is done as treasury secretary and his next move may be to get cozy with the very banks that did American wrong.

10 Things That Make a Bad Politician

Which political leaders have performed worst in 2012?

5 Worst Wall Street Trades of 2012

Facebook tops 5 candidates for the worst Wall Street trades of 2012. Did you get caught up in one of these?


Silvio Berlusconi and Francesca Pascale: The Odd Couple That Wants to Lead Italy

The former Italian prime minister, is back. He would like to be prime minister again and he is bringing a friend. This won't turn out well.

Murdoch Scandal Update: Freedom Of Press Report Released

After the newspaper hacking scandals of last year, the British government called for an inquiry to find a solution that would protect both citizens' privacy and freedom of the press.

Debate Results: The 11 Questions That Obama and Romney Did Not Answer

Actual answers to the questions finished a distant last behind reversion to talking points, interrupting, finger pointing, being rude to the moderator and lying.

Ryder Cup 2012: The Golf Tournament Predicts How Mitt Romney Will Perform in Election 2012

Here's how the U.S. team effort vs. the Europeans at this year's Ryder Cup may closely resemble Mitt Romney's performance vs. President Obama in election 2012.

Congress Election 2012: Why the System is Rigged for Republican Incumbents

Thanks to gerrymandering, many incumbents won't be ousted from their seats anytime soon.

Yet Another Missed Call on the Replacement Refs

The NFL officials side with Greeks, public-sector employees, French agricultural workers and former U.S. Senators in preferring to receive monthly checks till death do us part.

Claire McCaskill vs Todd Akin Polls: Why the GOP is Unlikely to Gain Control of Senate in 2012

One-third of the Senate seats are up for re-election. As Mitt Romney and Barack Obama face off in the presidential election, will the GOP be able to gain control of the Senate?

Presidential Polls 2012: Why the Betting Man is Putting His Money On Obama With 6 Weeks to Go

There is loads of data out there on who will win election 2012, but the gambling man is betting on Obama.

Obama vs Romney Presidential Debate Schedule: Forget Polls, Debates Will Determine Election 2012

The presidential debates are the last predictable chance for voters to know what they are in for. Will the talking points prevail or will we actually learn anything?