Andy Holdeman
Andy Holdeman

"Popped a Molly" Shirts Prove EDM Culture Has Gone Too Far

EDM culture has transformed into a perpetual status update and it must stop. You popped a Molly. I wrote this article. She read it. Let's make statements about everything we do. Dance.

How 6 Classic Works Of Literature Were Reviewed On Amazon

Classic novels are weighed, measured, and found to be reviewed by Amazon users. Let's find out what they had to say.

How To Celebrate Your Sad Mid-20s Birthday

Happy birthday, millennial. Stop being so sad and enjoy your twenty-something anniversary of the day you gained independence from the womb. Also, thank your lucky stars you're not Mesopotamian.

8 Signs You Should Break Up With Your College Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

In between finals and frat parties, you may not pick up on the obvious signs that your college relationship is broken beyond repair. Fret not, I'm here to tell you what to do like I know you.

9 Things Every College Student Should Do At Least Once Before Graduation

Hey kids, don't you dare throw your cap in the air without doing these nine things. They are important.

10 Things Every Man Needs Before He's 30

Fellow millennial men, most of us will turn 30. There are a few things we all need to have by the time that happens. Prepare yourself.

8 TV Shows That Get the City They're Set in All Wrong

Dear Some Popular Television Shows, you're not fooling us with your inaccurate city settings. A show can be made or undone by its details, so here's your warning: be a little more like "Friends."

Melissa McCarthy SNL: NBC, Please Let Her Shine Bright As Tonight's Host

Melissa McCarthy will host Saturday Night Live this weekend. She's a talented human and deserves the freedom to flex her comedic chops outside of her lackluster sitcom, Mike & Molly.

Tyler the Creator 'Wolf': New Album Sniffs Around the Definition Of Genius

The rapper releases a dizzying record that flirts with both brilliance and foolishness — and ultimately ends up somewhere in between.

Pasha P183 Dead: 8 Amazing and Ironic Works From the "Russian Banksy"

The "Russian Banksy" died at the age of 29, leaving behind a profound legacy and oddly inspiring pieces of street art.

New Kids On the Block Album '10': Band Comebacks We Didn't Need

The generously described comeback of New Kids on the Block is, um, interesting. And they bring to mind other bands that really should not or should not have tried to make us like them again.

10 Things That Will Make You Feel Ancient

Twenty years ago, Clinton was elected president. Chances are, you remember when he entered office. If that doesn't make you feel old, here are nine other things that will.

5 Awesome Brooklyn Landmarks That Got Rap Song Shoutouts

Where Brooklyn at? Right where it's always been — that is, in the middle of hip hop culture. Here are some of its most important landmarks.

8 Books We're Dying to Read This Spring

Find a nice patch of green grass underneath a freshly bloomed tree and crack open one of these nine books.

3 Most Ridiculous March Madness Commercials

Big-shot companies and their big-shot ad agencies have flopped big-time in their commercials during the NCAA tournament.

'42' Movie Trailer: Film, Jay-Z Song Inadequately Honor Jackie Robinson

With "42" coming out and Jackie Robinson Day around the corner, it's important to remember that we really honor the baseball player to feel better about our country's racist history.

Blue Ivy Carter: 10 Things Blue Ivy Will Do Before She's 10

Blue Ivy Carter lunched with Beyoncé the other day and brought Brooklyn to a halt. This is only the beginning of her magnificent powers.

Cherry Blossom Festival 2013: 7 American Landmarks That Were Gifts From Abroad

The world loves giving America gifts that turn into famous and not-as-famous landmarks. Or, at least the world used to love doing that. Here's a recap of the best ones.

Why Are There No Black Emojis?

The peculiar and popular Emoji emoticons from Japan don't include any black people. This is weird and problematic — even for things as ridiculous as Emojis.

Argo Wins the Oscar for Best Picture

Follow along here as I breakdown the Oscars winners, losers, and best and worst Harlem Shakers.