Rosa Heyman
Rosa Heyman

What 9 World Leaders Were Doing in Their 20s

Not everyone spends their 20s binge-watching Netflix in their mom's basement.


What's the Best Online Dating Site? Depends On Your Politics

The dating world is hard enough before adding the 'net (and the possibility that the NSA is mocking your flirting game!). There are all sorts of online dating sites, for every political niche.

Does Watching Porn Make You Sexist? The Answer May Shock You

Eliminating internet pornography won't make our society treat women better, and here's why.

A Record Number Of Millennials Are Living at Home, But It’s Not What It Looks Like

Try as they might, our parents just can't get rid of us.

8 Things Americans Believe, But Aren't Actually True

We all make mistakes, but it could be worse. We could be the KTVU producers who believed the fake (and offensive) names of the Asiana airline pilots, courtesy of an insolent intern.

How to Invest: 5 Tips For Millennials to Dominate the Stock Market

You've heard time and again that the sooner you begin to invest your money – for your retirement, a future home mortgage, or your kids' college tuition – the better. Here's how.

7 Amazing Tumblrs Every News Junkie Should Follow

Bored of your current online routine? Check out these blogs to revamp the way you find news.

6 Things We Learned From the Boston Tragedy About What Makes a Great Reporter

We can only pretend for so long that the numerous media SNAFUs covering the Boston marathon tragedy didn't happen. Now, we should learn from them.

3 Services That Let You Buy Twitter Followers

For a fee, these companies will make you look like a cyber celebrity. And you thought buying friends only applied to Greek life.

For $99, This Kit Lets You Map Your Entire DNA

A cool new DNA mapping kit allows you to learn about your genetic makeup for less than $100.

March Equinox 2013: The 7 Best Things About Spring

With the miserable winter we've all had, you may not have realized that March 20 marks the first day of spring. Here are seven things to look forward to this season.

C. Everett Koop, Surgeon General Who Rebuffed Reagan On Abortion, Dies

Former Surgeon General Koop, who died Monday at 96, refused to supply President Reagan with unfounded evidence that would be used to threaten women's access to abortion.

FBI Sexting Scandal: More Abuse Of Government Power

A recent internal report reveals that FBI agents have been engaging in their fair share of misconduct, including sending each other nude photos through government-issued phones.

UCF Greek Life Suspended After Hazing Allegations, But Will It Work?

The University of Central Florida has stopped all Greek life activity, but another solution is needed to eradicate hazing altogether.

What is Survivalism? An Actual Survivalist Explains

Lately, "survivalists" have been in the news, and not necessarily for good reasons. Robert Richardson explains the movement and clears up some common misperceptions.

Bob Menendez Sex Scandal Intensifies As FBI Shifts Focus to New Jersey

Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) has been accused of having sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.


Jimmy Lee Dykes Alabama Hostage Standoff Raises Questions About Survivalists

The late Jimmy Lee Dykes, the man who held a five-year-old boy hostage in his rural Alabama underground bunker, allegedly aligned himself with the Survivalist movement.

Dow Jones Hits 5-Year High, But Nearly Half Of Americans Are Still Just One Crisis Away From Disaster

The Corporation for Enterprise Development recently reported that nearly half of all Americans are one unexpected setback away from financial collapse.

Israel Admits Ethiopian Immigrants Were Coaxed Into Receiving Birth Control Shots

After an exhaustive investigation into declining birthrates in the Ethiopian population in Israel, it turns out female immigrants were administered long-acting birth control shots upon arrival.