Evette Dionne
Evette Dionne

College Taught Me That As a Black Woman, I Had To Wear Pearls

Historically black colleges and universities are not the safe spaces we hoped they'd be.


Why a Young Black Woman Owns a Firearm

Living in a town historically riddled with racism, my gun gives me the illusion of safety.

The Strange Trend Of "Black Woman Face" is Ruining Black Comedy

Why are so many black comics dressing up as women of size?

It's a Happy Halloween For Racists

Julianne Hough's blackface turn as "Crazy Eyes" from "Orange is the New Black" is part of a long lineage. So what's with Halloween and racism? Here's the backstory.

The Twerking Feminist

Critics hate Rihanna's new "Pour It Up" video, but as a black feminist, I think it's empowering.

'SNL' Ignores Black Women, Black Women Ignore 'SNL'

With only four black women cast members ever, you'd think we don't exist. That's okay — in this social media era, black, female comics are hitting it big by doing it for themselves.

This Black Fashion Scholar Thinks You Should Care More About What Happens on the Runway

New York Fashion Week reminds us that fashion is about so much more than you think.

How the Ariel Castro Trial Exposes America's Rape Culture

At his sentencing, Ariel Castro placed the blame for his heinous crimes on porn, law enforcement, his victims, and the status quo. His inability to accept guilt is part of a larger problem.

Sorry Feminists, I'm Too Oppressed to Hook Up

Everyone's talking about the so-called hook up culture on college campuses these days. But not everyone is able to take advantage of this new age of sexual liberation equally.

GOP Growth and Opportunity Project: Report Proves Republicans Are Divided

The “Growth and Opportunity Project” chides Republican lawmakers for not acknowledging the shifting voting demographics and appealing to this new crop of minorities, women and millennials.

Barbie Anniversary: Over 50 Years Later, Mattel is Still Marketing Sexism to Children

99% of young girls own at least one Barbie, but if she was real, she'd be so thin she couldn't lift her head. Is Barie selling an unattainable image to young women?

Valentine's Day 2013: Just Another Holiday That Fell Victim to Materialism

Our calendar features several prominent religious holidays -- essentially all of which have lost their original meaning. Valentine's Day is hardly any different.

Gay Marriage UK: Country Passes Same Sex Marriage Bill, America Falls Behind

On Tuesday, the United Kingdom's House of Commons passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in Britain.

Why Are White Men Obsessed With Michelle Obama's Posterior?

Some white men can't seem to stop themselves from making outrageously sexist and racist remarks about Michelle Obama's behind.

Harvard University Cheating Scandal: Even At Harvard, Cheating is Cheating

More than 60 students were accused of cheating on Harvard's "Introduction to Congress" final exam. The university has now asked a large number of those students to withdraw, but is that right?

5 Anti-Woman Companies You Fund With Your Money

You're probably familiar with these five companies, but did you know they're also misogynistic and fight against women's rights?


Obama Cabinet: Where Are the Women?

With the resignation of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Obama is left with two women in his 16-person cabinet.

National Cathedral to Allow Same-Sex Marriage: Is It Appropriate?

The National Cathedral has announced that it will now wed same-sex couples, a win worth celebrating for LGBTQ Americans and their allies in the fight for marriage equality.

Bethenny Frankel Divorce: What 'Gender Role' Dispute Says About Marriage In America

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are calling it quits thanks to a misunderstanding of the roles of men and women in marriage.