Christian Rice
Christian Rice

Bob Filner is Still Mayor Because Of Hypocritical Union Bosses

Unions are supposed to work towards ending workplace harassment, but they continue to support the infamous San Diego mayor Bob Filner.


Recognize This City Council Candidate? He's a PolicyMic Pundit

Daniel Herrera is running for city council in Bayonne, New Jersey. He, like many other millennials, espouses Ron Paul Republicanism. Could this represent a larger change in the GOP?

Bob Filner Sexual Harassment: Filner Stays as the Media Overlooks Women's Suffering

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is fighting sexual harassment allegations, and even his own supporters are calling for him to resign. Yet, the mainstream media refuses to cover this important story.

6 Reasons Justin Amash is the Best Congressman in Washington

Justin Amash has not received the credit that he deserves for being an exceptional Congressman. Here are 6 reasons why Amash deserves some serious recognition.

Taksim Square Protests: 13 Photos Showing Severity Of the Protests

These Twitter photos show why we should take offense with mainstream media outlets for not covering what could become an historic event in Taksim Square.

We Designed America's Ideal Congressman. Here's How He Voted

On a nationally represented basis, here is how the perfect representative would vote, with a plurality of Americans backing his every decision.


Carl DeMaio: This Next-Generation Republican's Socially Liberal Stance Will Save the GOP

By abandoning social issues, San Diego's Carl DeMaio could be the kind of Republican who appeals to young voters.

Eesha Khare: California Teen Invents Life-Changing Instant Phone Charger

Eesha Khare recently presented the "super-capacitator" at an international science fair. This could change everything.

6 Movies Ron Paul Would Totally Love

These five classic films most definitely lean libertarian.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: U.S. Foreign Policy Was Motivation For Boston Bombings

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev claims that U.S. foreign policy is behind his Boston bombing, proving once again that our foreign policy leads to death at home.

New iPhone Technology Means You Never Have to Charge Your Phone Again

Through kinetic energy, your phone could be charged without a plug by using the kinetic energy created by your body's movement.


University Of Maryland Delta Gamma Sorority Email Goes Viral

Here's what you need to know about how this story just keeps getting crazier.

John Madden Birthday: 18 Memorable Madden Quotes

John Madden is known for his infamous tendency to form incoherent sentences, speak in onomatopoeia, and state the obvious. Here are some great Madden moments.

Darry Sragow: USC Professor Caught Bashing Republican Party On Tape

USC student, Tyler Talgo filmed one of Professor Darry Sragow's lectures to expose the educator's rants about the GOP. Who is in the wrong here: Sragow, Talgo, both, or nobody?

False 'Bingo!' Claim Could Now Land You in Jail in Kentucky

Shouting bingo without cause has been ruled second-degree disorderly conduct thanks to a judge in Kenton, Kentucky. The punishment: loss of free speech.

Myriad Genetics Patent Would Harm Society

Myriad, a biotech company focused on human genetics, has patented your genes. Their patent is being challenged by the ACLU and will be argued in front of the Supreme Court next week.


PolicyMic is the Voice Of the Future, and Will Make Millennials Part Of the Political Process

PolicyMic gives millennials the unique opportunity to express their opinions online, and this has significant implications for the future of politics.

South Carolina GOP Runoff Results: Mark Sanford Wins and May Be Mounting a Political Comeback

Former South Carolinia governor and representative Mark Sanford just won the House primary. What are his chances in the May election?

15-Year-Old Girl Argues Gun Laws Will Leave the Poor Defenseless

Last week, James Madison of The Maryland Minute Men posted a recently-viral video of a 15-year-old high school student “[leaving] anti-gun politicians speechless.” Here's the scoop.

Ron Paul End the Fed: Why Do His Supporters Always Yell That?

Ron Paul supporters' favorite chant seems to be "End the Fed!", but why? This video helps explain the madness.