Matty Carville
Matty Carville

Hurricane Isaac Path: What it Was Like Evacuating From Hurricane Isaac 7 Years After Katrina

Evacuating from a hurricane is a miserable experience, but coming home after a natural disaster can be even more horrifying.


Obama and the Youth Vote: How the President is Trying to Win Back Young People

Dave Eggers and Jordan Kurland do an excellent job of renewing voter excitement by creating a clever and inspiring site devoted to reminding us why we love President Obama.

Sarah Palin vs Bill Clinton: The Fight For Influence in Election 2012

With both Clinton and Palin so wildly popular in their respective parties, it will be hard to gauge who is truly more influential.

Books That May Be the Next 50 Shades of Grey

There is no real way to predict the next big book or movies series, but if writers can channel certain timeless themes in literature it can help to catapult a series to the top.

Apple Rumors: Siri Could Be Tweaked for iPhone 5

New studies show Siri is seriously flawed in comparison to other personal assistant tools, such as Google Now. Will Apple fix Siri in time for the iPhone 5?

5 Books Every 20-Something Has to Read Before They Officially Grow Up

Five books, some old some new, that enlighten, inspire, and teach us invaluable lessons about life.

New US Poet Laureate Explores Great American Losses, Like Hurricane Katrina and the Civil War

Trethewey is not afraid to tackle the darker aspects of life - an important quality for the poet laureate to possess, as she is now responsible for encouraging the nation to appreciate poetry.

'While the Men Watch': Canadian Sports Show Hits Every Insulting Gender Stereotype

Raising questions like, 'which players are hot?' And 'who needs a uniform make over?' 'While the Men Watch' is an insult to women who care about sports ... and, well, to all women.

Taliban Reveal Their Human Side in a Controversial Collection of Afghanistan Poetry

'Poetry of the Taliban' is a newly released collection filled with poems written by members of the Taliban. Critics of the book misunderstand the purpose of poetry.

Scarlett Johansson is the Biggest Hero in the Avengers Movie, Proving to be Model For Both Sexes

It doesn’t take a Dr. Bruce Banner to see that the Black Widow, in her simplest form, has characteristics that are entirely attainable and she should be admired by both sexes.

5 Movies That Are Better Than the Book

Despite the fact that I am a literary nerd, I do acknowledge that movies are occasionally better than the book.


5 College Application Tips Every High Schooler Should Know

April can be "Hell Month" for high school students as they submit college apps and nervously wait to hear back.

New Facebook App Allows Users to Make Enemies Rather Than Friends

The ability to "enemy" someone or something on Facebook may seem like a reasonable addition, but it may also be a catalyst for cyber bullying or unnecessary Internet drama.

Millennials Excited By Louisiana Republican Primaries Today, "Ron Paul Is Adorable!"

It’s clear that the election is a hot topic and has made its way into daily conversation. Teens are making an effort to be politically informed, and often bring it up in the classroom.

The Richer Sex: The Changing Role of Women in the Work Force

Careers can no longer be defined by gender, and families must reorganize not based on predetermined gender roles, but rather by what is most beneficial to their families.

Australia Homophobic Ad Perpetuates Family Feud

Carl Katter's struggle against his homophobic, politician brother may prove to be successful in the long run.

Attack Linking Girl Scouts With Planned Parenthood, Abortion, and Homosexuality is Ill Informed and Distasteful

A state representative's comments are not only ill informed and insulting, but they try to discredit an patriotic organization that promotes community, leadership, and education among girls.

Fat Tuesday in New Orleans is About More Than King Cake and Beads, It's a Celebration of the Community

Mardi Gras is truly a representation of our city’s resilience, and shows our willingness to maintain a glass half full attitude even in the face of hardship.

Shippensburg University's Birth Control Vending Machine Promotes Safe Sex and Women's Reproductive Health

Dispensing emergency contraception out of a vending machine may not be a perfect system, but it is an important (and ingenious) step towards easy, affordable access to contraception for women.

From J.K. Rowling to Kristen Wiig, Top 5 Feminists of the 21st Century

Find out who made the list of top five most inspirational women who have promoted the feminist cause through their work.