Sylvia Camaj
Sylvia Camaj

Student Debt 2013: Pew Research Center Predicts Hefty Bills For Spring Graduates

The amount of U.S. households owing money on student debt loans has more than doubled since 1989. Costs are still growing, and very quickly.


The Onion is Not Too Mean

The Salon is whining about how The Onion may be getting "too mean," but they're wrong. The Onion isn't mean. The truth just hurts.

Yousaf Raza Gilani: Former Pakistan PM's Son Ali Haider Gilani Abducted

Pakistani former prime minsiter, Yousaf Raza Gilani's son has been kidnapped by gunmen allegedly part of the Pakistan Taliban.

Otis Wright Porn: Judge Sanctions Lawyers For Fraudulent Filing in Porn Cases

A U.S. federal judge sanctioned four lawyers after they fraudulently filed hundreds of actions against unnamed individuals accused of illegally downloading copyrighted porn

Google Glass Release: In Time, This Will Be a Hot Item

Google Glass might not be stylish right now, but neither was the first cell phone. That doesn't take away from Glass' utility.

Amanda Berry 911 Call: Audio and Transcript Of Call That Lead to Discovery Of 3 Missing Women

Amanda Berry made a 911 call that saved her life and the lives of two other women.


GOP Wants to Suppress College Voting in Ohio

Nothing says "Republican agenda" quite like trying to suppress the right to vote via the institutions that teach us how to think.

iPad 5: Why All Tablets Are Bad Apples

Are tablets the pogs of the electronic world, or is BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins just a sore loser?

Baseball Game in South Side Of Chicago Cancelled Due to Parents' Fears Of Violent Crime

Since March of 2007, there have been 117 homicides within a mile radius of the field where the teams were scheduled to play.

Anthony Foxx: Obama Nominates Charlotte Mayor For Cabinet Post

President Obama has nomiated Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to replace Secretary Ray LaHood as head of the Transportation Department. But will the Senate confirm his choice?

New $100 Bill: Will Release in October, Features New Anti-Counterfeit Measures

The new $100 bill includes three new security features to help prevent counterfeit bills from being produced.


Jeb Bush 2016: Barbara Bush Says U.S. Has Had "Enough Bushes"

Mama Bush thinks that 'merica has "had enough Bushes" for president and is ruling out her son Jeb for a 2016 run as such.

Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio Hints At Freeze On Muslim Student Visas

Senator Marco Rubio suggested earlier today that he was willing to consider excluding foreign Muslims from being granted student visas to come to the United States, as suggested by Bob Beckel.

South Carolina Elections: Does Colbert-Busch Have a Chance?

Damaging allegations that South Carolina congressional candidate Mark Sanford broke into his ex-wife's home have given the edge to Democrats for the first time since 1978.

Sabah Conflict: 50 Sulu Royal Army Rebels Arrested in Malaysia

Authorities in Malaysia made arrests today amongst firefights with members of the Sulu Royal army, a group from the southern Phillipines with territorial claims to Sabah.

Same-Sex Marriage Just One Of Many Issues Dividing Catholic Clergy and Laity, According to Poll

A Quinnipiac poll released yesterday found that most adult Catholics think the Church is out of touch on same-sex marriage and several other issues.


Gun Control: Small Town in Maine Proposes Mandatory Gun Possession to Residents

In Byron, Maine, an article that requires "all households to have firearms and ammunitions to protect the citizens" is favored by selectment and expected to be approved by town residents.

Gay Marriage: Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer Challenge Michigan Gay Marriage Ban

A lesbian couple in Michigan who've been together for 13 years are legally able to co-foster their children, but the process of adoption has changed the rules on them in an unfavorable way.

Mitch McConnell 'Harlem Shake': Mask Of Senate Minority Leader Placed in Dance Video

Mitch McConnell's campaign just released a video of somebody wearing a mask of the Senate Minority Leader doing the viral 'Harlem Shake' dance.

TSA Banned Items: What Is Not Allowed in Carry Ons?

The TSA has made some changes to it's 'prohibited items' list. If you're a frequent flyer, taking a trip soon or just want to be informed, check it out.