Chloe Stillwell
Chloe Stillwell

Jenny Lewis' New Video Is Exactly What Feminism in Music Should Look Like

We need more of this.

Instead of Laughing at Lindsay, We Should Be Reprimanding Oprah

'Lindsay' makes it very clear that Oprah is turning a person into a business investment.

The Surprising Way Detroit Is Being Kept Alive by Writers

Writers in Detroit are getting free houses. Free houses!

Let's Talk About the Extreme Racism and Sexism of 'American Horror Story: Coven'

One small step for witches, and one giant misstep for humankind.

'Super Fun Night' Failed Because Hollywood Is Still Fattist

Hollywood still doesn't know what to do with women larger than a size 6.

How the New Season of 'Girls' Turned Me From Hater to Fan

The show listened to its critics, and made itself better. We should be watching.

Veganism Ads That Will Make Every Vegan Cringe

You're not doing us any favors, PETA.

Confessions Of a Single 20-Something in the Midst Of Engagement Season

Add "having to feign interest in cheesy engagement stories" to your list of holiday nightmares.

How Zooey Deschanel Turned the Manic Pixie Dream Into a 'New Girl'

With her new show, Zooey Deschanel is undoing a lot of the damage her Manic Pixie Dream Girls have done.

Bridget Jones is 'Mad About the Boy' and Still Not a Feminist

For the love of Gloria Steinem.

What Chipotle's Brilliant 'Scarecrow' Ad Proves About Millennial Activism

The answer goes far deeper than the depths of even the tastiest burrito bowl.

10 Things About College Every Freshman Should Prepare For

Take it from someone who had their Facebook permanently deleted within the first month of college.

Manhattan: The New Suburban Sprawl

Gentrifiers have to take responsibility for gentrifying, and until they can acknowledge that truth and harness its power for good, big business will keep replacing your bars with Starbucks.

'Only God Forgives' Needs To Be Forgiven

It was 30 minutes too long, the characters were one-dimensional, there was a lot of gore, and a lot of quiet, but if anything those are the things that made it great.

"Blurred Lines" Isn't As Blurry As Everyone Is Making It

Until the feminist movement can find unity and temper the war calls accordingly, the message will always be distorted, and people will keep bouncing titties and blurring lines.

George Zimmerman Couldn't Change the Conversation — But Can 'The Newsroom'?

I can only hope that if such an ideal format for news exists in fiction, it won’t be long before broadcasting the actual news won’t be considered attacking the GOP — it will just be the news.

Jenny McCarthy is Wrong On Vaccines — So Let Her Join 'The View' and Grab the Popcorn

If anything this will be an excellent opportunity for McCarthy's views to be questioned on national television, and shouldn't be a cause for public outrage.

Yoko Ono: 80, a New Book, and Unearned Relevance

Does Yoko Ono's persistence depict a kind of independent, artistic feminism or the throes of someone begging for relevance outside of a marriage?

Can LA's Embarrassing Public Transit System Be Saved?

Los Angeles is an embarrassment to public transit. Lyft has emerged as an outlet to change this inefficiency, and it’s certainly ruffling lots of feathers.

Marijuana Legalization: How a Southerner Learned to Love Legalized Pot

After leaving the restrictive hills of Tennessee I couldn't help but indulge in all that California has to offer.