Brittany Oliver
Brittany Oliver

6 Most Influential Women Writers You've Never Heard Of

For a long time, female writers remained anonymous. In loving memory of not being recognized for their talents, here are six female writers you've never heard of.


White Student Union: Stop Exploiting Our Campus!

Think that white supremacists are thoughtless? Well, the insidiously racist White Student Union has made its way back to haunting Towson University's campus once again.

5 Reasons Millennials Should Be Proud to Be Feminists

Millennials are running the world and we have a lot to be thankful for. Here's why we should take pride in calling ourselves feminists.

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Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, but have you ever wondered how your gifts affected someone else?

6 Cringeworthy Public Displays of Sexism

Have you ever heard about something in the news and thought it was just plain outright sexist? Here are 6 cringe-worthy stories in case you missed it.

Obama Should Appoint a Female FCC Chair to Fix His Cabinet's White Man Problem

The Women's Media Center has started a petition on demanding more diversity in presidential appointments, specifically for the slot of the Federal Communications Commission chair.


25 Things To Know By the Time You're 25

By the time you're 25, you've lived long enough to know the basics. These 25 things have to be on the list.

5 Reasons Why Eric Holder is Secretly a Feminist

America's Attorney General has quietly, but consistently been a steadfast ally for the feminist cause.

15 Signs You're Actually a Feminist

Katy Perry recently announced that even though she believes in the strength of women, she's not a feminist. Are you? Take a quick quiz to find out!