Yasmeen Chism
Yasmeen Chism

Washington Teen Banned From High School Prom Because Her Breasts Are Too Large

The history of prom is full of classist, racist, and anti-gay traditions that have been reproduced year after year with little protest.


To Truly Celebrate Mother's Day, Think Of the People Who Are Too Busy to Celebrate It

The culture of Mother's Day revolves around very particular images of who mothers are, what they do, and what they want. That should change.

Washington's Bold Step Officially Changing "Fireman" to "Fireperson" is Not As Bold As It Seems

While several states have pushed for gender-neutral professional names (like 'firefighters,' 'clergy,' 'police officers,' and 'omsbuds'), Washington's step forward may be a step back.

Advertisements Are Still Sexist, But Consumers Are Getting Smarter

When Kate Upton is labeled as simply "Best Internet Cleavage," it's hard to believe that sexist advertising can sink any lower. But consumers may be getting more savvy.

Watch the Video That is Putting An End to Stereotypes

Stereotypes are everywhere we look and pushed on us by advertisers, marketers, and each other. How can we defeat them?

Trayvon Martin One-Year Anniversary: Have We Forgotten About Him?

Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of Trayvon Martin's murder. Have we forgotten about him, or have we become desensitized because of all who have died in mass killings since his death?


Free Birth Control Efforts Are Misguided Without a Push For Better Sex Education

Has the push for easy and free access to birth control caused us to ignore the fact that many people engaging in sexual activity are misinformed?

What the Military Didn't Tell You About Letting Women Serve in Combat

Though more women will be serving in ground combat than ever before, certain limitations may still affect how and when they can serve.

Roe v. Wade Anniversary: Republicans Continue to Assail Reproductive Rights, 40 Years Later

For supporters of reproductive rights, 2012 proved to be a year that attempted to undo all the years of progress made by Roe v. Wade. It's time for a change in 2013.

Why Affirmative Action Arguments Totally Miss the Mark

Critics of affirmative action have recently pointed out that Asian-Americans have a peculiar relationship to race in college admissions, but often fail to note the intersection of race and class.