Brandon Seevers
Brandon Seevers

Why Bad TV Succeeds But Good TV Fails

It has always been mind- boggling and disheartening to see good art fail.

Happy 4th Of July: America Ain't Perfect, But Nothing Is

“America wasn't founded so that we could all be better. America was founded so we could all be anything we damned well pleased.”

'Monsters University' Box Office: Pixar Flick Earns $82 Million First Weekend, Beats 'World War Z'

This weekend at the box office, we saw a collection of juvenile monsters school Brad Pitt in "World War Z" and a bunch of vivacious meth heads.

'Man Of Steel' Weekend Gross: $113,080,000, Dominates Box Office

The Superman flick earned $113,080,000, schooling all the other weekend films. Here's a recap of the box office report.

Box Office Numbers: Our Box Office Retort, June 7-9

A review of the weekend numbers. Plus a little sneer.

Parks and Recreation Season Finale: Is 'Parks and Recreation' Socialist?

Writer Matthew Gannon believes "Parks and Recreation" supports socialism, and I believe Gannon hit his head.

Will Brittney Griner Become a Botched NBA Experiment?

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants to give Brittney Griner a shot at being drafted in the NBA, but she's definitely not good enough for the NBA.

Porn Star Harry Reems Dies At 65 — But There Was Much More to Him Than "Deep Throat"

Harry Reems was more than just a porn thespian. He was champion of free speech.

Roman Polanski is a Rapist, In Case You Forgot

Roman Polanski is a talented filmmaker, but just a reminder, he is also a rapist.

Mayor Bloomberg Doesn't Like Movies, So I Don't Like Mayor Bloomberg

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg enjoys banning and regulating certain things, so now that he's said he hates movie trailers, don't be surprised if they are next on his list.

Is the Visual Effects Industry Dying?

VFX companies are hurting and at times failing despite working on the majority of movies being released.

Oscars Snubs 2013: Why Wes Anderson Will Never Win

Wes Anderson is like the guy who earned straight A's his whole life but got rejected from his top school. Despite the director's following, he's under-appreciated and won't win the Academy Award.