Bridget Todd
Bridget Todd

Stop Telling People They Shouldn't Be Protesting the Zimmerman Verdict

The outcry surrounding Martin’s death and the subsequent verdict is very much warranted. People who posit that it’s “only” about Trayvon and Zimmerman miss the point entirely.

Meet Anna Clark, Your New Criminal Justice Role Model

Journalist Anna Clark uses writing to engage inmates in prison and detention centers. PolicyMic chatted with Clark about her amazing justice work, and here's what she had to say.

This New Law Student Project Gives Innocent Prisoners the Freedom They Deserve

The Innocence Project, a national litigation public policy organization staffed by legal interns, has freed 306 people so far, 18 of whom were on death row.

Does Feminism Have a Race Problem?

In response to critiques to feminism's lack of spaces for diversity and intersectionality, writer Loretta J. Ross is branding herself as a "justice feminism." But what exactly is this?

Clarence Thomas Anita Hill: Never Forget Justice's Sexual Harassment History

It wasn't long ago that the Supreme Court Justice's name was synonymous with scandal and sexual harassment, and his reputation makes him the worst Justice around today.

Adria Richards: Why Are Women Threatened With Rape For What They Write Online?

SendGrid employee Adria Richards criticized two PyCon attendees on Twitter for making sexist jokes, resulting in a slew of online rape threats. Why can't women speak out online?


Violence Against Women Act: Why is Progress Stalling On the Fight Against Rape, Violence, and Domestic Abuse?

New report by the Justice Department indicates sexual violence against women fell by 64%in the last ten years, but has plateaued in the last five years.

Women Won't Be Equal to Men in the Media Until 2085, Study Finds

A new report reveals that male front-page bylines outnumbered female bylines nearly 3 to 1 at top newspapers during the 2012 presidential election, among other things.

Women's History Month 2013: A History Of Women's Studies

March celebrates innovative women of American history. What better excuse to look back at the history of women's studies?