Andrea Ayres-Deets
Andrea Ayres-Deets

Is There Such a Thing As a "Good" Rape Joke?

There are essentially two camps: those who believe rape jokes contribute to rape culture and those who believe freedom of speech protects their right to joke about whatever they want.


The 30 Best Tweets About Obama's PRISM Internet Scandal

If you can't beat them, at least you can laugh at them?

Japanese Sushi Chef Infiltrates Kim Jong-Il's Secret Lair – What Happened Next is Most Absurd

This chef became one of the world's most oppressive leaders closest friends and confidants, but a friendship like this does not come without a hefty price.

'Dr. Who' TV Show: Matt Smith Announces Leave, Everyone Freaks Out

Whovains, the nightmare has become realized. Who will play the next Doctor, we do not know. We will just sit here and mourn the exit of Mr. Smith.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Ben Stein Calls Protesters Mentally Deficient

Mr. Stein, can you just stick to Visine commercials and call it a day?

Student Replaces Cheerleader's Name in Yearbook to "Ugly Hoe"

This is the state of our education system America. Look what you have wrought.

12 Reasons to Avoid This Summer Trend

If you feel compelled to participate in this summer pseudo-hipster-ironic trend, than by all means do so, but not like this. Never like this.

5 Summer Music Hits You Have to Hear, Straight From North Korea?

North Korea has decided to leap into the musical styling of K-Pop and here are the results.

Toilet Water Coffee From Starbucks Puts Customers in Crappy Mood

Your morning cup of joe just got some added fiber.

This High School Student Built a Fully Functional Submarine

And what did you do today?

SheZow: The New Gender-Bending Cartoon That Has Conservatives Outraged

A new show set to appear on the children's TV network "The Hub" depicts a boy who turns into a girl whenever danger approaches.

11 Quirky Facts About This Year's Spelling Bee

The annual Scipps National Spelling Bee is finally underway. This year, 281 young competitors will take the stage as they compete for the chance to win $30,000 and a trophy.

33 Most Ridiculous Charts to Have Ever Graced the Floors Of Congress

Somebody, please teach Congress how to use photoshop. Please, the country depends on it.

15 Ways to Make a Fashion Statement This Summer

Deep down inside of us is a geek waiting to stay inside from the harsh summer sun and social interaction.

Woolwich Attack: Mosque Responds to Extremism in the Best Possible Way

How do you respond to possible violent protesters outside your door? This mosque in York, England shows us.

Rand Paul 2016: Paul Claims Obama Lacks Moral Authority to Run the Country

Surprise, surprise, Mr. 2016 himself came out of the woodwork to jump on the scandal bandwagon.


Mary Fallin Oklahoma: Governor Demands Quick Action in Relief Efforts

Mary Fallin wants the federal government to help her get relief to the residents of Oklahoma as fast as possible.

Google Wireless: Company to Bring Wifi Access to 1 Billion People Using Blimps

Who said blimps were just for sporting events?

Memorial Day 2013: Do You Know How Many Americans Don't Get the Day Off?

This Memorial Day, we should look at the rather sad state of the American worker.

E.W. Jackson: Virginia's Newest GOP Candidate Thinks Gays Are 'Ikky'

The Republican nominee for Lt. Gov. in Virgina has a Twitter account and it is an unmitigated disaster.