Liam Boylan-Pett
Liam Boylan-Pett

March Madness 2013: LIVE Updates, Predictions, Brackets, and Commentary

Louisville won the championship game on Monday 82-76 against Michigan. Rick Pitino become the first coach to win a championship at two different schools.

Louisville Beats Duke: Who Is In The Final Four?

Wichita State, Syracuse, Michigan, and Louisville all punched their tickets to the Final Four and a trip to Atlanta. Louisville won despite the gruesome injury to Kevin Ware.

Louisville Kevin Ware broken leg injury VIDEO

Sadly, the Elite 8 game between Louisville and Duke has taken a turn for the worse as Kevin Ware was injured with a broken leg.

Duke Louisville Live Stream CBS

Duke and Louisville are squaring off in the final Elite 8 game of the weekend at 5:05p.m. EDT on CBS.

Trey Burke Michigan Basketball: Buzzer Beater VIDEO

Trey Burke is taking over the NCAA Tournament. Enjoy video of his game tying shot against Kansas.

A Layman's Complete Guide To Running

Find the answers to some of the serious questions posed to runners by non-runners — you'll be surprised at what a runner is really like.


NCAA Tournament 2013 in Gifs: The Greatest March Madness Moments

March is nearly over, but it's been a glorious ride. Re-live 2013's most insane moments in basketball as you steel yourself for the Final Four.

April Fools' Day: What if 'Bang With Friends' Is The Greatest Prank Ever?

Imagine: on April 1, every 'Bang With Friends' choice you've ever made goes public. Well played, developers?

'The Hangover' As A Horror Film and The 6 Best Fake Trailers Ever

Watch the trailer for 'The Hangover' as a horror film and enjoy five other fantastic trailer recuts that put a completely different theme on a classic movie.

CBS Live Stream Elite 8

Watch online to find out who will be joining Syracuse and Wichita State in the 2013 Final Four.

Ohio State Buzzer Beater Over Arizona In The Sweet 16

LaQuinton Ross hit a three-pointer with 2.1 seconds left and Ohio State held onto a 73-70 win over Arizona in the Sweet 16.

Charles Barkley Hates The Big 10

If there's one thing that Charles Barkley hates, other than almost everything, it's the Big 10.

Michigan March Madness: Chris Webber Hums 'Hail To The Victors'

Chris Webber hums the Michigan fight song, 'Hail To The Victors,' during an NBA broadcast.

CBS March Madness Live Stream: Sweet 16

Find a LIVE stream of the NCAA Tournament's Sweet 16.

Phil Jackson Twitter Gold

This isn't college basketball, but legendary NBA Coach Phil Jackson is crushing the Twitter world just one day in.

Meghan McCain, FXX, and the Problem With Having Way Too Many Channels

John McCain's daughter will host talk show "Raising McCain" on Pivot, a new network. 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' will move to FX's new station FXX. Are there too many channels on TV?

Andy Enfeild: Will He Be the Next Coach At UCLA?

Andy Enfeild is making waves at Florida Gulf Coast. Will UCLA be able to coax the star coach away from the school that made him a star?

What time does OSU play Arizona? 7:47 p.m. On TBS

Ohio State takes on Arizona Thursday night in the Sweet 16. Find out the schedule for other Thursday night games as well.

'Parks and Rec' Porno Video: Too Big to Nail Pawnee Porn

"Parks and Recreation" recurring character Brandi Maxxx gets to star as Leslie Knope in this clip that shows what a "Parks and Rec" Porno would be. Enjoy the first scene of 'Too Big To Nail.'

7 Greatest Kids Sports Movies Of the '90s, and the 3 Worst

Where does your favorite kids sports movie of the '90s rank? Walk down memory lane with these great clips from your favorite '90s flicks.