Roy Klabin
Roy Klabin

The Definitive Review of the New D.C. Political Theater Show Everyone's Talking About: "Shutdown"

Barack Obama plays the hero. Ted Cruz plays the villain. Michele Bachmann plays the court jester.

Twitter IPO Valuation Ignores Millions of Fake Profiles

In the world of viral marketing and millions of fake profiles, how can we ever truly measure the value of social media sites?

Russia's Anti-Gay Laws Are Turning Neighbors Into Enemies in NYC

Queer Nation, the group behind many publicity campaigns challenging Russia’s anti-gay laws, made quite the appearance at the Met Opera's opening night in New York.

Forget War With Syria, There's a Massacre Much Closer to Home

Americans are outraged over the scores of deaths in Syria, but aren't we missing something?

Ariel Castro Dead: Kidnapper Rapist Hanged Self in Jail Cell

Ariel Castro, who held three young women captive in a cell in his Ohio house for nearly a decade, has been found dead in his jail cell.

Elizabeth Warren: A 2016 Candidate to Truly Consider

Warren has been a singular voice of lucidity in the Senate, diligently attempting to hold overt complacency and corruption to task.


Elon Musk and Google Should Purchase and Transform a Bankrupt Detroit

After bankruptcy, Detroit is looking to slash spending and raze buildings. But there’s an alternative possibility Detroit could consider which might transform the city to its former glory.

Monsanto May Be a Monster, But We're Running Out Of Food

Monsanto has garnered a deservedly bad reputation for its unfair business practices and GMO food. But the alternative is running out of food entirely.

Abu Ghraib Escape: Attack On Jail Frees Al-Qaeda By the Hundreds

Hundreds of inmates were freed overnight in a daring raid on the infamous Abu Ghraib prison.

It's Time to End Feminism — But Only in the Western World

Feminism, like the labor movement, worked best when it had actionable and specific goals. With many of these victories achieved, it's time to refocus the struggle.

Edward Snowden Interview: Second Video Shows Personal Side Of U.S. Whistleblower

The newest Guardian interview provides some insight into his motives and shows his nostalgia for the privacy of communication of his youth, fleshing out the shadowy image we have of him.


The Biggest Risk to the Environment? China's Population

China's rapidly growing population, coupled with a reliance on dirty energy sources and a complete dearth of regulation, poses the greatest threat to the world's environment.

Obama's Africa Investment is Smart Strategy With a Side Of Sneaky Dealing

Like his two predecessors, Obama has proposed his own investment plan for Africa. But the countries it's targeting are a mixed bag — some are stable and prosperous, and others are a hot mess.

The Best Foreign Policy Is Strong Domestic Policy — It's That Easy

We need to start having intelligent discussions about our foreign policy — about what we can actually accomplish on a global scale.

How a Clear, Worthless Stone With a Brilliant Marketing Campaign Conquered the World

Diamonds have very little inherent worth, and they're not actually that rare. How they became so expensive and prestigious is the story of one greedy, murderous company.

Pope Francis I: Can Populist Pope At the Head Of a Reluctant Church Accomplish Anything?

There's little doubt among believers and non-Catholics alike that Pope Francis' intentions are good, and that he wants to change the church for the better. But will the church let him do it?

PRISM Surveillance: The NSA Isn't to Blame For Our Surveillance State, Congress is

Blame the NSA all you want for Edward Snowden's revelations of a massive, secretive surveillance program codenamed PRISM. But Congress are the ones who made it happen.

6 Incredible Technologies No One Knows About

They may not be the most hyped inventions in the world, but they're some of the most useful, strange, and fascinating.

The Raver's Cure – Soldiers' PTSD Could Be Treated With MDMA

A cultural shift is brewing in the world of recreational drugs, opening the door to treatments and cures that can be derived from these playful substances.

Nissim Yeshaya: Israeli Judge Resigns After Claiming "Some Girls Like To Be Raped"

Judge Nissim Yeshaya thoughtlessly offered the opinion that "some girls like to be raped" during a court case. Then he tried to justify it.