Yumi Araki
Yumi Araki

This E-Book Will Help Break Glass Ceilings

The glass ceiling in STEM fields is hard to break, despite the efforts of Anne Marie-Slaughter, Sheryl Sandberg, and Marissa Mayer. A new e-book will steer the discussion for millennials.


4 Scientific Advancements That Could Change the Way Moms Give Birth

Technology is changing the way mothers will be having babies in the future.

Meet the 15-Year-Old Girl Who Will Probably Be the First Astronaut On Mars

Abigail Harrison uses social media to achieve her goal of becoming the first astronaut on Mars, and PolicyMic recently chatted with her about it.

What Boston Strong Means and Where it Goes From Here

"Boston Strong" has been the rallying phrase of the marathon bombing aftermath, but we should be careful in the way we use and associate with it.

Every Time There Is a Tragedy Social Media Proves to Be the Most Valuable Thing

Though they run the risk of hyperbole and innacuracy, Facebook posts and tweets have a way of giving personal relevance to a national or global news stories.

Obese Americans Are Actually Less Likely to Die Than You

A report finds that the fatter you are, the longer you may live, but that doesn't necessarily mean obesity extends lives, as some obese individuals may take care of themselves in other ways.


AP Illegal Immigrants: Dropping the Word "Illegals" Isn't About Political Correctness

The AP Style Guide no longer allows writers to use the term "illegal immigrants." But this isn't about political correctness. It's about grammar.

The Key Take-Aways From the Prop 8 Hearing, From Someone Who Was Actually Sitting in the Room

At Hollingsworth v. Perry, the U.S. Solicitor General commented that waiting for a Prop 8 decision is not a "neutral act." There are real consequences for same-sex couples and their families.

Hollingsworth v. Perry: Equal Protection Clause is At the Heart Of Prop 8 Hearing

Recognition of same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue and is likely to be decided by whether the Supreme Court regards Prop 8 as violating the Equal Protection Clause.

Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" is Not Enough to Increase Workplace Equality

It's going to take more than the Facebook COO's book for gender equality to become a priority in our country. All walks of society need to chip in to change the culture of inequality.

10-Year Iraq War Anniversary: 5 Gripping Personal Stories

Five stories that impart a visceral understanding of just what the Iraq War really meant.

This New Mobile Tool is Redefining the Power Of Petitions

/Crowdring, a new mobile tool, records "missed calls" as digital signatures, allowing users to present the calls for political petitions.

Why Are Asian Americans Fleeing the GOP?

The highest earning ethnic group is breaking away from the GOP, as its far right lean and Tea Party association have been major turn-offs.

The Unexpected Way McDonald's is Helping Solve Inequality

McDonald's catches a lot of flack for its fatty, salty foods the can be bad for your health. But there's at least one way service it provides that has an unexpected effect.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Long Does It Take Immigrants to Earn the American Dream?

Given the indefinite near-decade it might take for certain legal immigrant visas to go through, it’s no wonder the line for undocumented immigrants isn’t getting any shorter.

Meet the Students Who Will Achieve What Occupy Wall Street Couldn't

The International Student Movement, which is pushing to change policies that inhibit accessible education, may pick up where Occupy Wall Street left off.


World Cancer Day: 5 Diseases the U.S. Could Eradicate in the 21st Century

The growth of stem cell research and other methodologies give hope that diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to cancer could be eradicated in the 21st century.

Republicans Start New Grassroots Campaign to Attract Young Voters, But Will It Be Enough?

The Republican National Committee has announced a new grassroots effort in order to court voters who went for Obama, but will it be enough to win over millennials?