Lisa Wade, PhD
Lisa Wade, PhD
July 15, 2013

The One Graph That Proves Stand Your Ground Laws Help Jurors Let White Defendants Go Free

A "justifiable homicide" finding is much more likely in states like Florida, and in the case of white-on-black killings.

July 8, 2013

Asiana Flight 214: Flight Attendants Are Unsung Heroes in the San Francisco Crash

As news of the tragic San Francisco crash landing unfolds, it's important to acknowledge those who help ensure safe air travel for millions of people every day.
May 24, 2013

9 Things Two Professors Wish You Would Understand About the Real World

Attention, college grads: everything you ever wanted to know about the real world, courtesy of two social scientists.
May 21, 2013

2 Out Of 3 College Students Say They're Going to Save the World While At Work

Got a brilliant plan to shake up the status quo right after commencement? Congrats, grad. So does the cap-and-gown-clad kid sitting next to you.
April 19, 2013

Occidental College Lawsuit: A Professor Reports On New Sexual Assault Lawsuit At the College

Gloria Allred will represent a group of Occidental students and sexual assault survivors who have submitted two complaints to the federal government over the college's policies.
April 15, 2013

Tax Day 2013: What Taxes On the Rich Mean For Every American

Progressive taxes mean that the richer you are, the more you pay in taxes, but that's because the richest of the rich in America have so much more money.

April 8, 2013

100 Iconic American Companies Exploiting Prisoners to Sell You Products

Companies are drawing on a new source of cheap labor to bring jobs back to the states: prisoners.
March 27, 2013

Is Outing Prop 8 Supporters On the Internet OK?

Should you be able to find out online if your neighbors, family, or friends donated money to support California's anti-gay marriage law?
March 12, 2013

Internet Porn: Everything You Never Knew About Adult Entertainment Online

Researcher John Millwar cracked the Internet Adult Film Database (IAFD) and used a sample of 10,000 porn stars to identify trends in the industry. Here's what he found.
Feb. 20, 2013

Why Some Middle Class Blacks Can't Get Ahead

Today, the median wealth held by white households is 20 times that of black households. The need to support poorer relatives may explain part of this difference.
Feb. 7, 2013

What Rappers Are Actually Saying About the Police

An analysis of popular hip-hop songs from 2000 to 2010 shows that rappers aren't glorifying violence; instead, their songs point out rampant unfairness in the criminal justice system.

Jan. 30, 2013

0% Of Gun Ads Mention Protecting Your Family, So What Makes People Buy Guns?

A 2004 study showed that only 15% of gun ads link gun ownership to patriotism, and just 20% mention hunting. What do 91% of ads emphasize? Different gun features, accuracy, and quality.
Jan. 29, 2013

Most Women Would Rather Divorce Than Be a Housewife

80% of young women and 70% of young men want a marriage where both partners share all responsibilities, but women are more likely to leave a marriage for the sake of their career.
Jan. 28, 2013

Fox News Falsely Claims Feminists Want to Have Sex With Underage Men

In a segment about a North Carolina teacher who was accused of having sex with her 15-year-old student, Fox News falsely claims that feminism is to blame for sexual abuse.
Jan. 25, 2013

The Number of People in Private Prisons Has Grown By 1,664% in the Last 19 Years

America's prison system is in need of serious overhaul. Nearly 130,000 people are incarcerated by for-profit companies, and in 2010, the two largest private prisons earned $3 billion in revenues.