Darcy Bullock
Darcy Bullock

Love It Or Hate It, 'Glee' Made Young, Gay Characters Mainstream

Not everyone watches 'The L Word.'


Think About This Before You Tweet

I know what you're thinking: work life, personal life ... what's the difference? Allow me to share.

Twitter Leadership Should Reflect the Diversity of Twitter Users

The company is run entirely by white men, yet the product is used almost exclusively by a diverse group of millennials. Twitter has an opportunity to be a leader in tech — they should use it.

This University's Recent Decision is a Step Backwards for Catholic Schools

All universities, whether or not they are affiliated with a religion, should respect a woman's right to choose.

Millennials Need Obamacare, and It's Time We Talk About It

The media and the government has to quit squabbiling and grandstanding and give millennials the information we need, or the whole system will fail.

The Disturbing Truth About New York's Homeless Population

One in four homeless families include at least one employed adult. Something is very wrong.

The Real Reason Young Women Aren't Going Into Politics

When running for the high level political positions in the U.S., it really helps to have a lot of money.

Why This Union Boss Wants "Anybody But Quinn" For NYC Mayor

PACs are people, too! And, as usual, they're ruining everything — even if you agree with them.

How George Takei Went From Being a Trekkie to a Gay Rights Hero

George Takei is one of October's LGBT History Month icons. So how exactly did Takei go from helming the USS Enterprise on Star Trek to championing social justice?

8 Ways 'Orange is the New Black' is Breaking TV Barriers

The new Netflix original series sets a high standard for both stories told through streaming and on network TV.


Is Elizabeth Warren a Champion Of the Millennial Generation?

The Massachusetts senator stood up to her own party on the recent bipartisan compromise on student loans.

4 States Ready to Pass Abortion Bills Even Worse Than the One in Texas

Numerous states are gearing up to pass abortion bills even more restrictive than the one Wendy Davis is fighting.

Want to Convict Rapists? Follow Cleveland's Example

With some prodding from the media, Cleveland and other cities have begun to test their startling backlog of rape kits.

5 Old White Men Who Are Champions For Women's Rights

The gender pay gap is disheartening, but it’s inspiring to see that at least some older white men do at least try to have women’s best interests at heart.

Samantha Power: Why Do Conservatives Call the New UN Ambassador a Radical?

Samantha Power’s tendency to blurt out strongly worded statements is just one of the reasons that conservatives are calling her a radical.


6 Buzzwords in Apartment Listings Millennials Should Watch Out For

As you search for the holy grail of a spacious and reasonably priced apartment, here are some words and phrases to steer clear of.

Food Stamp Program: Hunger in the U.S. Is Real, and Food Stamps Help Fix It

Eight hundred and seventy million people in the world don't get enough to eat, and it's time to think about ways to change that.

Could This Cool New Tracking Tool Make Twitter Less Homophobic?

GLSEN has created a tracking tool for Twitter after seeing how many Tweets contain homophobic slurs, and their results are striking.

3 Times Students Rose Up and Changed History

Today student protests both large and small occur frequently across campuses worldwide, but what are the most well known protests in history, and what were the students protesting then?