Ethan Re
Ethan Re

IRS Scandal: If the IRS Did Target Conservative Groups, They Were Right

The IRS has come under fire for placing conservative non-profits under greater scrutiny, but the real question is why they haven't investigated all political nonprofits.


Nate Bell: Arkansas State Rep Shows Us How Not to Respond to a Crisis

Arkansas State Rep. Nate Bell's tweet is insensitive and insulting in the wake of a national tragedy.

U.S. Torture Was a War Crime. Why Hasn't Anyone Been Held Accountable?

In the most comprehensive account yet, a new report concludes that the use of torture by the United States was blatantly illegal. Those responsible must be held accountable.

John Kerry Israel Visit a Small Step Toward Israel-Palestine Peace

Secretary of State John Kerry's trip to Israel won't solve the Palestinian issue, but it represents the latest in a series of small steps toward restarting the peace process.

5 Reasons You Should Be Glad Louisville Won the National Title

Louisville has triumphed in the 2013 NCAA championship, and they completely deserved it. From a loyal Kentuckian, here are five reasons why.

Facebook Android Release: What You Need to Know

Facebook announces its highly anticipated entry into the wireless market with an integrated Facebook user interface and accompanying smartphone. But is it just another gimmick?


Iran Elections 2013: Regime Change Won't Kill Iran's Nuclear Program

With its nuclear posturing and aggressive rhetoric, Iran's government has been quite the headache for the United States. But replacing the regime may be more trouble than it's worth.

Is Your Internet Slow? It Might Be Because the World's Largest Cyber War is Happening Right Now

The largest cyberattack in history has been launched against anti-spam organization Spamhaus, slowing down the entire internet and raising more questions about our digital security.

Antonin Scalia Gay Marriage: Justice Wrong About Same-Sex Parenthood

Scalia’s comments ignore the growing consensus that same-sex couples are fully qualified to raise children, at least as much as their straight counterparts.

Google Fiber: When Will America Get Super Fast Google Internet?

Google's announcement that it will expand its gigabit-per-second internet raises questions as to whether the tech giant plans to seriously enter the internet service provider business.

Obama Israel Trip: Is Obama the Most Pro-Israel President Ever?

President Obama has been criticized for his lack of support for Israel, but compared to previous presidents, he may be the strongest supporter Israel's had yet.

New Pope 2013: Study Finds Fewest Strong American Catholics in 38 Years

New data shows a Catholic Church increasingly out of touch with most Americans, as the numbers of strong Catholics is at the lowest in 38 years.

7 Craziest Speakers At the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference

The Conservative Political Action Conference draws tens of thousands of conservative activists and politicians each year. Here are a few of the more controversial figures speaking this year.

AIG Lawsuit Gets Class Action Status, As Bailed Out Shareholders Sue Government

Hank Greenberg, former AIG CEO, is suing the U.S. Government for $55 billion, calling the government's actions unconstitutional and excessively punitive.

Minimum Wage Increase: No Proof It Causes Unemployment

Conservatives claim that raising the minimum wage would increase unemployment, but prominent economists and empirical studies say there's no clear answer.

Obama Israel Trip: President Won't Bring "Grand Peace Plan"

On his upcoming trip to Israel, Obama said he won't be bringing a grand plan to end the Israel/Palestine conflict. But despite daunting challenges, the stakes are too high to give up.


Rand Paul 2016: Filibuster May Be Launching Point For 2016 Presidential Bid

Senator Rand Paul's marathon filibuster has made him a libertarian hero and placed him in the national spotlight. Is this the launching point for his 2016 presidential campaign?

Tim Tebow Liberty University Visit Causes Yet More Controversy

NY Jets quarterback Tim Tebow announced plans to speak at Liberty Universty, sparking criticism from LGBT and civil rights advocates over the university's anti-gay positions.

Hugo Chavez Dies, Leaving Questions About the Future Of His Revolutionary Legacy

Hugo Chavez, the charismatic president of Venezuela, has died after a long battle with cancer. In the political struggle ahead, will his revolutionary ideals and policies survive their founder?

Pope Benedict XVI Replacement Should Focus On Global Hunger

While Pope Benedict XVI gained a well-deserved reputation for social conservatism, his words and deeds on hunger across the world should not go overlooked.