Saudi Garcia
Saudi Garcia

Your 7-Point Intersectional Feminist Guide to Hook Ups

A small guide on feminist and activist wisdom for millenials tired of being told what they're doing in bed.

Study: Athletic Girls Grow Into Competitive Businesswomen

Being aggressive on the sports field turns out to be one of the key experiences that can develop assertive women in the boardroom.

What is the "T" in LGBT? BuzzFeed Answers the Question In the Most Amazing Way

While the BuzzFeed's articles are often hit or miss, the site's guide to transgender issues is a great way to begin a discussion with the people in your life and in your community.

8 Shocking Facts About Sterilization in U.S. History

The recent discovery of decades of female sterilization in California prisons unearths the troubling history of the practice in the United States.

41 Badass Female Athletes Who Prove Title IX Still Matters

Forty-one years of Title IX gives us 41 (thousand? million?) reasons to celebrate women in athletics.

4 Facts About the Female Body For Ignorant Republican Lawmakers

A basic biology lesson for lawmakers too busy to see their female constituents as human.

This Awesome Comedian is Teaching Spinning Classes to the Homeless With CitiBikes

Comedian Fat Jew is teaching NYC homeless people how to break a sweat on CitiBikes. Should the city's human services make it official?

Elaine Welteroth: Meet Teen Vogue's First Black Editor

The barrier-breaking editor recently opened up about grooming herself as she pleases at work, sending a message to girls that they can be themselves and still land their jobs.

Abbey Niezgoda: Reporter Attacked By Mother Of Shooting Victim Got What She Was Looking For

When reporters interview heroes, they are praised. When they attempt to forcibly interview grieving parents, they should be considered arrogant and in violation of privacy.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight: 3 Kidnapped Cleveland Women Found After 10 Years

Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus escaped from a Cleveland home after being kidnapped for ten years. Who kidnapped them and why were they being held?

Racist Mountain Dew Commercial Video: Is This the Most Racist Ad Ever?

PepsiCo's latest faux pas involving hip-hop artists and African-American representation has resulted in what some are calling 'the most racist ad ever.'

Twerking YouTube: San Diego High School Students Suspended for Twerking Video

33 high school students from Scripps Ranch H.S. have been suspended for filming a "twerking" video on school grounds. Did this high school take their punishment too far?

7 Most Ridiculous Arguments Against Sex Ed

Your bedside guidebook for the ludicrous arguments against comprehensive sex ed in public schools!

Kendrick Johnson: Georgia Teen's Family Waiting For Autopsy Over 'Accidental' Death

A Georgia family protests as they wait for answers in the case of Kendrick Johnson case.

Daddy Yankee Gay: What His Fake Coming Out Tells Us

The "Gasolina" singer is embroiled in a homosexuality controversy, but the story of his fake coming out should be an entry point into the reality of actual LGBTQ Latino individuals.

Suzy Weiss Wall Street Journal Column Encourages Healthy Debate On College Admissions

The high schooler's Wall Street Journal piece on not getting into her top colleges has encouraged healthy debate about the application process and diversity in higher education.


Immigration Reform 2013: Domestic Workers' Plight Must Be Reversed

Immigration reform must take into account the plight of domestic workers in an increasingly precarious labor market.

'Girl Rising' Review: Film Gathers Momentum From Social Media

The film 'Girl Rising' premiered on the eve of International Women's Day, bringing the global struggle for adequate education for girls to a theater near you.

Women in Combat: Military Must Prioritize Sexual Assault Prevention

With the lift on the ban of women in combat, Americans await the next steps of the U.S. military to stop assault, as women serving active duty tours will still be vulnerable on front lines.

Black History Month: 4 Famous Black Feminists You Never Learned About in School

As Black History Month comes to a close, it's time to learn about all the courageous black women who fought for equality for all.