Zak Cheney Rice
Zak Cheney Rice

Zak is a Senior Staff Writer at Mic.

April 21, 2017

GOP Florida Sen. Frank Artiles resigns after racist, sexist rant against black colleagues

Artiles called fellow Sen. Audrey Gibson a "fucking asshole" and a "bitch," then referred to other senators as "niggers."

April 21, 2017

German-Russian suspect bombed soccer bus, then blamed Muslims, investigators say

"The fact that someone wanted to enrich himself by killing people to influence the stock market is particularly reprehensible."
April 19, 2017

Bill O'Reilly saved some of his ugliest tirades for black women

Bill O'Reilly's ouster at Fox News is a prime opportunity to review his history of anti-black woman commentary.
April 19, 2017

Tom Brady will not join Patriots teammates at White House, citing "family matters"

Meanwhile, five Patriots players have announced they will skip the trip to protest Trump.
April 17, 2017

We need to bury the "model minority" myth for good

The real question raised by Sullivan's column: Why do old, racist ideas keep getting resurrected as if they are new?
April 14, 2017

Devin McCourty defends Trump protest: How would I explain that photo op to my daughter?

The New England Patriots' free safety was the second player to boycott the team's visit to Trump's White House.

April 13, 2017

Charlie Murphy was a master of the black oral tradition. His "Rick James" sketch is proof.

Charlie Murphy, who died Wednesday, was one of our treasured black American storytellers.
April 12, 2017
April 12, 2017

Video of Nandi Cain Jr. getting beaten by Sacramento police officer prompts investigation

"I never witnessed anything like that," the bystander who recorded the incident said.
April 11, 2017

LGBTQ group visits Oklahoma capitol, prompts mass email warning about "cross-dressers"

House pages were warned about "cross-dressers in the building" and given temporary access to a private restroom.
April 7, 2017

2019 NBA All-Star Game may return to North Carolina after HB2 repeal "bathroom bill"

The problem is that the so-called "repeal" might be just as bad as the original HB2.

April 7, 2017

White Minnesota man charged with bias-motivated assault for choking Somali cab driver

Zachary Degraw reportedly attacked the driver for fear of what he would do to white women.
April 6, 2017

Trump voters continue to be shocked when their immigrant friends get deported

Roberto Beristain's wife, Helen, voted for Trump. On Tuesday, her undocumented husband was deported to Mexico.
April 5, 2017

Police officer who shot Charles Kinsey knew there was no gun on scene, new report finds

Kinsey — an unarmed behavioral technician — was shot by North Miami police while he was on the ground with his hands up.
April 5, 2017

Ferguson re-elects James Knowles III, white mayor who denied city's "racial divide"

He beat Ella Jones, who would've been the city's first black mayor.
April 4, 2017

Black activists warned us that Sessions would launch an assault on civil rights. That moment looks like it’s here.

On Monday, he ordered a review of all police reform agreements made under Obama. Shocker.

April 4, 2017

Gov. Rick Scott reassigns 21 more of Aramis Ayala's cases, citing death penalty opposition

Scott's bizarre vendetta against Aramis Ayala continues.
April 3, 2017

Officer Betty Shelby describes Terence Crutcher as "zombie-like" in '60 Minutes' interview

It echoes a pattern of white police officers likening black people to supernatural monsters.
April 3, 2017

'Ghost in the Shell' marks latest whitewashed film to be a critical and box office failure

'Ghost in the Shell' adapted its Japanese source material using white lead actors, and could be paying the price for it.
April 3, 2017

Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' sets record as top-grossing original screenplay by debut director

'Get Out' has earned more than $150 million at the domestic box office so far.