Warren Bishop
Warren Bishop

Apple App Store Lawsuit: Company Defense Against Monopoly Allegations

Apple is facing a federal lawsuit from consumers claiming its App Store amounts to an illegal monopoly.

Twitter Users Are More Liberal and Negative Than the General Population, Says Study

Twitter users' reactions to news events are usually more liberal and almost always more negative than the reaction of the general population.

Iran Nuclear Program is Getting Dangerously Advanced

If Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons, there is no end to the amount of terror it could carry out on its neighbors and the world.

Budweiser's 'Watergate': Anheuser-Busch Accused Of Diluting Beer

The booze purveyor is being accused of misleading consumers as to the exact amount of alcohol its beers contain. How should the beverage giant respond?

Xbox 720 and PS4 Will Usher in Latest and Last Generation of Video Game Consoles

The debut of Sony's PS4 will become the swan song of traditional console-based gaming, as innovations in distribution, hardware, and interfaces will revolutionize the gaming industry.

Donald Trump Lawsuit Threat Targets Petition That's Actually Making Him Richer

Donald Trump is threatening to sue the leader of a petition that calls for the removal of Trump's spokesmanship and products from Macy's. The whole scenario creates publicity in Trump's favor.

The Most Religious States Are Also the Most Depressed, Says a Flawed Study

A recent study revealed a correlation between religion and antidepressant usage. The correlation exists for good reasons.

FEMEN Celebrates Benedict XVI's Resignation Topless in Notre Dame Cathedral

Pro-LGBT group FEMEN celebrated the Pope's resignation by parading topless through Notre Dame Cathedral. But do such protests help the feminist cause?

SOTU 2013: How Will Obama Promote Same-Sex Marriage?

To champion equal rights for same-sex marriages, the president can address social and cultural values, but he does not have legal or legislative recourse.

Rand Paul 2016: Why a Paul Victory Would Actually Be a Blow to Libertarianism

Rand Paul's social conservatism could help him earn the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, but it will also help the Tea Party, and not libertarians.