Caitlin Reilly
Caitlin Reilly

Kelly Clarkson At the Heart Of An International Incident

Kelly Clarkson's purchase of a ring that belonged to Jane Austen has caused an international controversy. Is there more to the ring in question than we realize?

'Freaks and Geeks' Would Have Been a 2013 Phenomenon

The television line-up would be better off with "Freaks and Geeks" on it today. Here's why.

7 TV Characters Who Understand the Post-College Slump

Ever feel like you're the only person going through a post-college slump? That is not the case. Here are seven TV characters who get what adjusting to life after college is like.

Summer Activities in D.C. 2013: A Social Butterfly's Guide to Nats Baseball

Tricked by the Dodgers' brawl into thinking baseball could be the new hockey? Looking for more fun, social things to do in D.C. this summer? Try a Nats game!

Jazz in the Garden: Best D.C. Summer Activity

New to D.C. or just looking for something to do? Check out Jazz in the Garden, in the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden on Friday nights.

4 Most Interesting Books Of 2013 So Far

It's only May, but here are 2013's most interesting reads so far.

Cinco De Mayo 2013: 4 Facts About the Holiday

Sorry, but “Cinco Facts for Cinco de Mayo” is just trite. Here are four valuable ones to know for May 5.

5 Things That Will Probably Happen At Your 5-Year High School Reunion

Some predictions for your first high school reunion ... Enjoy!

Cat Marnell Book Deal: Drug Addict Deserves Fame and Recognition

With her new book deal, controversial addict/former XOJane editor Cat Marnell is back in the limelight and sharing her experiences with drugs. Here's why she deserves to be noticed.

5 Successful Teenagers Who Will Make You Feel Like You've Done Nothing With Your Life

Here are five teenagers who will make you question how you've been using your time.

5 Irish Bands and Musicians For Your St. Patrick's Day Playlist

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are five Irish bands and musicians worth adding to your musical library.

5 Millennial Writers Poised to Take the Literary World By Storm

As the millennial generation comes of age, a new crop of voices prepare to enter the literary scene. Here are 5 millennial authors who have already begun to achieve success in the literary world.

Valentine's Day 2013: 5 Lessons TV Taught Us About the Holiday

Let's be honest, we've learned more about Valentine's Day from TV than from anywhere else. Here are 5 episodes that live on for their memorable words of V-Day wisdom.