Nicole Polizzi
Nicole Polizzi

Apparently, 'How I Met Your Mother' Thought They Could Get Away With Yellowface

Race is not a costume.

Macaulay Culkin Has a Pizza-Themed Velvet Underground Cover Band

Culkin has appreciated pizza since his 'Home Alone' days. If you had any lingering doubts, his cover band The Pizza Underground should confirm it all for you.

You Can Now Smoke Weed On Your Front Lawn

(In Denver and parts of Michigan ... But it's a start.)

Invented By Auto Mechanic, the Odón Device is Helping Women Give Birth More Safely

Mr. Jorge Odon, a car mechanic from Argentina, saw a YouTube tutorial on removing a cork from a wine bottle, and had a obstetric epiphany.

Montana's Plan to Set Gender Quotas For State Legislature Could Be a Model For the Nation

The news in all 50 states should read today: progressive and reasoned man in Montana, proposes 50-50 gender split in state legislature. Women everywhere applaud.

Renisha McBride Sought Help After a Car Accident — And Was Shot Dead

The Stand Your Ground law has empowered another man to kill an innocent teenager in Michigan.

All 16 Sororities At This Southern School Rejected a Black Student With "Perfect" Scores

Gimme an R!, Gimme an A! Gimme a C!, Gimme an I! Gimme an S!, Gimme a T!... What's that spell? Thanks to the Crimson White, we know.

4 Reasons Why Putin's NYT Op-Ed is Right About Syria

It doesn't matter what you think of Vladimir Putin, because he raises some valid points about Syria. If Obama won't listen to Americans, should listen to Putin's advice in the NYT.

2 Million Biker Ride and Million Muslim March Both Miss the Mark On 9/11

A powerful event today would have been cross-cultural, and contained a message of peace.

Toys "R" to Stop Labeling Toys "Boys" and "Girls" in UK

In response to the "Let Toys Be Toys" campaign, UK Toys "R" Us branches will make toys more accessible to both genders.

This Report Contradicts Everything Republicans Have Told You About Food Stamps

As the GOP seeks to make $40 billion in cuts to the "wasteful" federal food stamp program, a new USDA report confirms SNAP is actually one of the most effcient programs.


This Chart Will Debunk All Republican Myths On Planned Parenthood

The Perot Foundation donating $1 million to Planned Parenthood isn't that surprising; what is surprising is how little of this money will go to actually perform abortions.

Geronimo Hotshots Battle Yosemite Rim Fire While Their Reservation Battles Poverty

The Geronimo Hotshots, an elite Native American wildfire fighting team, is currently on the front lines of Yosemite's Rim fire, while reservation conditions remain deplorable.

The Horrifying Reality Of What's Happening to Canada's First Nation Tribes

Women, teens, and children of the First Nation tribe in Canada are being sold into slavery on U.S. ships in some cases, for barely more than a place to live or alcohol.

Rick Perry's Change of Heart For ObamaCare Reveals His Common Sense

Rick Perry goes from anti-ObamaCare alarmist to taking $100 million in funding provided by the ACA.

Meet Stephanie Banister, Australia's Ridiculous, Islamophobic Sarah Palin Knockoff

Missing Palin's embarrassing interviews and gaffes on Youtube, but also glad she's no longer associated so closely with American politics? Meet Stephanie Banister, Australia's Sarah Palin.


Jack Villamaino, Former GOP Candidate, Arrested for Felony Voter Fraud

Shocker: GOP candidate Jack Villamaino convicted of felony voter fraud, as republicans in 15 states pass "anti-voter fraud" legislation.

Rapists Are Blaming Their Underage Victims — and Judges Are Taking Them Seriously

Even young girls aren't immune to accusations they're responsible for their own rapes.

Nothing Can Prepare You For This Bizarre Egyptian Music Video

With music videos like this going viral in Egypt, it'll take more than McCain and Graham to fix the political impasse — a symptom of much deeper political and ideological divisions.

The New Beauty Secret? Covering Your Face in Bird Poop

Bird poop facial, anyone? It'll only cost you $180.