Holly Leber
Holly Leber

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Schmidt Gets Lovestruck By A Car

Jess is on Schmidt patrol when Cece and Coach go out on their first date. Meanwhile, Nick and Winston search for a lost Ferguson and meet a very interesting woman

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: The Trouble With Dumplings

In which Jess fights for the Earth, one Chinese food menu at a time, and Nick fights his dumpling habit.

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: The Return of Coach

Coach returns, Taye Diggs shows up, and things get a little drunk and crazy on 'The New Girl'.

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Finally, an Episode Not About Nick and Jess

Things got all kinds of crazy on last night's 'New Girl' Halloween.

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Financial Crisis

When Nick comes into money, it causes problems for his relationship with Jess. Meanwhile, Schmidt tries to be a better person.

'New Girl,' Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: Nick Gets in Touch With His Feeling Stick

This week's episode of 'New Girl' is called "The Captain." Trust me, you do not want to know what The Captain is.

'New Girl' Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: The Schmidt Hit the Fan

Nick, Jess, Schmidt, and Cece plan a double date on which nothing goes right.

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Jess Impresses the Mean Girls

In last night's episode, Jess fell in with some mean girls, Schmidt one-timed two women, and Winston got a cat.

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Paradise By the Dashboard Light

'New Girl' hit the ground running with its third season premiere last night, beginning right where we left off last May. Spoilers abound.

'New Girl' Season 3 Premiere: Nick and Jess Go "All In"

Zooey Deschanel's 'New Girl' returns to Fox tonight. Here's a little of what we have to look forward to in Season 3.

12 Most-Underrated Things About Being a Woman

From the irreverent to the intelligent, a dozen reasons why being a lady is pretty choice

PolicyMic Summer Reading List: Growing Up and Growing Older With 'A Tree Grows in Brookyn'

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12 Rules to Follow For Ladies Traveling Alone

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'Before Midnight' Movie Review: Audiences Finally Get What They Want

"Before Midnight," a follow-up to "Before Sunrise," is about what happens when you get what you've always wanted.

Nick and Jess 'New Girl': Should They Or Shouldn't They?

When it comes to TV romance, sometimes, it's all in the timing.

Jill Abramson: Is It Sexist to Criticize the New York Times Editor?

Whenever I hear someone complain "a tough man is powerful, a tough woman is a bitch," I have only one question: "Well, is she?"

Babies Are Cute. Their Diapers Are Not. #SocialMediaRules

Brooklyn blogger Blair Koenig has a message for oversharing, overindulgent, self-important parents. Just... STFU, a little. Please.

'The Office': Jim and Pam Need Some Serious Marriage Counseling

As the NBC series comes to a close, the couple we've fallen in love with have hit the skids. Will they be OK by the end of the season?

Why Do So Many People Hate Anne Hathaway?

Why we're so eager to dethrone the Princess of Genovia. We're "Hathahaters" because she is too polished, too prepared, and reeks of insincerity.

Rigoletto Met Review: How I Learned to Love the Opera

I once considered the opera too highbrow and inaccessible, but now I find the voices gorgeous and rich. Everything is heightened in opera, and that's a good thing.